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Common problems with the Renault Captur Some problems will only occur after many years of operation, others are related to technical solutions and forced the manufacturer to issue a recall. Renault Master 2.3 dci dpf egr off If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. checked cables they are ok. problem seems to be inter … I have a quickshift in my 2008 Master. Threads 209,556 Messages 3,606,972 Members 23,879 Latest member Ab90. Real advice for car buyers including reviews, news, price, specifications, galleries and videos. hi all, i have a problem with my renault masters power steering, when i go to steer it feels stiff, but once moving its fine and feels normal, it isnt leaking and works fine when your steering its just getting started!! vehicle is about 4.5m long). It was taking up to 10 or more attempts before the Immobiliser problems on Renault Master - The FIAT Forum Please adblue fix or adblue off OBD_renault_maste Renault Master dci 120: renault master van 6 speed manual box. vehicle is about 4.5m long). Our Renault Master van won't start, there is a fault with the immobiliser. Renault Captur Forums Since 2013 A forum community dedicated to Renault Captur SUV owners and enthusiasts. Thank you very much for proposing a new subject! Treść została przetłumaczona » Oryginalna wersja znajduje się pod tym adresem. Hi Folks, I've been having trouble with the immobiliser refusing to "unlock" on my '03 reg Renault Master van. Hi guys, I’ve got a bit of a problem with a Renault Master that I bought for transporting my Westi or race car to a track, it’s a great vehicle apart form it eats alternator belts in about 200 miles, it also pushes the power steering fluid out of the top of the reservoir. renault master van 6 speed manual box. Renault Master - power steering . Renault Master gearbox problem. Renault Master Faults and Mechanical Problems. Come join the discussion about performance, purchasing, reviews, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! These vans are highly thought of and major Master part failures are unusual. Renault Master. Unlike today’s offering, the old-style pre-2010 Renault Master was front-wheel drive only – the latest model can be specified with rear-wheel drive – and was not available at gross weights above 3.5 tonnes. The Euro 6 Master, which boasts engines that are 5-10PS more powerful (depending on version) than their Euro 5 equivalents and use a combination of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and Adblue. checked cables they are ok. problem seems to be inter … I've found a guy who had the exact same problem, and that was fixed by fixing the rear brakes. Driving with your main beam on in the dark constantly is a big No No and if you got stopped at night god forbid you will get hit with a possible fine. While driving, the left indicator started on it's own, then it switched off, then right, and back to left, where it has stuck on. Renault Master gets more power with Euro 6 diesel engines. My phone connect and disconnect itself continuously since I installed 4.0.4. In the following overview, you will find the most common problems for the Renault Captur, for which Renault has announced a recall through the EU Rapex system. Please keep the forum updated regarding your headlight problem and if possible what the the cause was as that is a serious issue. Steve Banner highlights the potential pitfalls to look out for when scouring the market for a front-wheel drive, pre-2010 Renault Master, and how much you should pay for one at auction. I have just bought a 1999 Master minibus 2.5D 5 speed (LWB?.. General Motors PK5, PK6, PF1, PF6 manual transmission failure common in Traffic, Master and Primastar. sometimes very stiff to change gear, then ok for a while, but slowly getting more difficult to change gear. When I turn the key the battery voltage doesn't flicker on a meter and the cigarette lighter socket stays ok, but the radio and blower fan stop. Renault Master ZE dimensions (2018-on) The Master ZE is an electric version of the diesel Renault Master, and like that more conventional large van, it comes in a wide range of sizes and versions – making it perhaps the most versatile electric van currently on sale. I actually have found a new master cylinder too! Hi everyone Thought this would be the best place to ask as everybody here is so helpful. Renault Master, Nissian NV400, Vaxhaul Movano side door alarm fix 1 December 2017 at 8:21AM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Motoring 2 replies 5.9K views I appreciate the vehicle is nearly a year out of the 3 year / 100,000 mile warranty but it has only done 43000 miles, hasn't been abused. I can hear an automatic click click from the box under the bonnet, at the right side. Hi, Renault master 120DCI 2500 Diesel 2004. Renault Australia has announced it will offer five-year capped-price servicing for its Kangoo, Trafic and Master vans, an increase from the three-year plans previously offered. Camping and Caravanning Forums,Campsites,reviews,free classified ads, camping articles and newsletter plus loads more Renault Master Forum Messages Hello everyone, Thanks for having me on the forum. Our 2006 Knaus motorhome is based on a Renault Master 2.5 ltr diesel engine. Share this page. The Master range of which I have a 2.2 version and well documented here, apparently produced for a very short period I believe, a 3.0 version with a Nissan engine with some 150 BHP iirc. sometimes very stiff to change gear, then ok for a while, but slowly getting more difficult to change gear. The Master also gets a new engine - the efficiency focused Energy dCi 110. Even with my JB stock ROM, the problem is still present. Hi, My Renault master 2004 diesel, won't start. I have a Renault Master MM35 DCI 120 2.5L which I got converted into a motorhome. Renault Master dci 120: renault master van 6 speed manual box. Maras13a 3117 8. has anyone else had this problem? I have been experiencing the same problem and out of frustration I decided to change both the front shocks and springs as every other possible source had been explored. Thread starter colin84; Start date 22 Nov 2012; colin84 RMS Regular. Hi, Renault Trucks Master 2017y m9t 2.3dci 706 170PS continental sid310 tc1791 Adblue problems - 350km left - adblue full refuel but empty in cluster. Renault Master front suspension noise I realise this tread started some time ago but I have only just joined. The problem is that I have to refill the gearbox, does anyone know the exact quantity of oil that should be put into the gearbox a 6 speed manual. I may be able to get hold of a low mileage much loved example and wish to cover all bases. It … The red dash light flashes very quickly and when you try to start it just won't. After verifying you will receive points! On cold start up, after being left a few days, the engine will run for about 5 seconds and then stall. I plugged a scanner in and the code read... 1882 FUEL PRESSURE INFORMATION. Renault - Renault master 3.0. renault master van 6 speed manual box. We have a re-occuring problem with an apparent air leak in the fuel line but we do not appear to be able to identify the cause. RAC Forum Thread Hello everyone, Thanks for having me on the forum. Generally it is very good, and I can override the automatic at the flick of the gear lever. It is a little jerky when selecting 1st in slow moving traffic and I need to be doing about 55mph before it will automatically select 6th. By all means the Hiace is punchy in Petrol form and has plenty of go when unloaded, but you end up with a headache from the road and engine noise, back ache from the silly seating position and you pretty much hit the stratosphere if you take a speed bump slightly too fast. Apparently the emergency brake system (that redirects all brake power to the rear in case of brake failure) is the cause to that. You probably won’t find Renault winning all that many awards for the new Master, but they can be proud in a job well done Renault has always offered its customers more than the competition. i suspect a fault with the rack or pump but not sure which one it'd be. Forum / Auto Service / Cars Beginners / RENAULT MASTER III - Problem with ABS; RENAULT MASTER III - Problem with ABS. What type of oil, I plan to put in fully synthetic Castrol Syntrans Multivehicle 75W-90. Sometimes the gear lever goes across the gate to 1st and 2nd no problem, but sometimes, it won't go across at all and I have to pull away in 3rd. I have just bought a 1999 Master minibus 2.5D 5 speed (LWB?.. I drive a 2011, Renault Trafic 2.0DCi 115. Hi guys, I own a Renault Laguna equipped with a Carminat TomTom hifi Stereo. Sometimes the gear lever goes across the gate to 1st and 2nd no problem, but sometimes, it won't go across at all and I have to pull away in 3rd. RAC Forum Thread Hello everyone my brother has a 2006 2.5 Renault Master and today he was driving down the road and all of a sudden then engine cut out. I have owned the vehicle from new and the differential in the gearbox has failed. The Master I drove yesterday was more comfortable than my humble little Mazda2 and 1000 times more comfortable than a Hiace. Long story short I need my ECU checked over/repaired for my 2008 Renault Master with 145,000 miles. You may have to register before you … When it is flashing or emergency flashers are on, the rear lights dim slightly in time with the indicator, with ignition on or off. Does anyone know of any inherent problems with this lump. We buy Master vans from anywhere in the UK, including non-runner vans and ones with common Master problems; Free instant online van valuations for your damaged van; Avoid the time and hassle of selling your van privately . Messages 3,622 Location Newtownabbey Drives E60 M Sport 22 Nov 2012 #1 ... 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