moen faucets repair

Hi Mary, did you unscrew the nut that keeps the cartridge in place? Wow Blog December 5, 2020. Thanks again!! The only difficulty I had was extracting the cartridge but after applying white vinegar and using a thin blade to disengage the cartridge from the faucet, I was able to pull it straight up and out. Now you’ve got spending money!!! MOEN Single Handle Faucet Repair Kit Item: # 3303-340 ; Model: # M3750; clear. Unfortunately, the cold side was stuck, and the tool stripped the plastic nut. If it resists, stop! How do I do this without scaring it. Who ever put this info on the net, thank you. Faucet Depot is the place for replacement and repair parts for your Moen faucet. ha ha). I could see this happening Ted if the faucet body drops a bit. Moen's packaging is colour coded by project. I can’t get the plastic cartridge out of the faucet body – it just doesn’t budge – any suggestions? Give us a few details and we’ll match you with the right pro. Assuming its the cartridge for the hot water, but could it be something else? You probably saved yourself a ton on the fix and on the return. Then the faucet turns back on. I immediately checked the tub and the hot water was still functioning. Even if you do see leaks this indicates the left handle’s seals are bad. We want to replace the faucet and we can’t figure out how to remove it. Original parts are a bit more expensive but at least you’ll know that they work. Is there something I’m missing here? The main problem anybody faces with a faucet after a few years or months of use is a leaking kitchen faucet, even this problem occurs in commercial kitchen faucets . Give us a few details and we’ll match you with the right pro. I REMOVED ANOTHER SINK HANDLE TO GET AN EXACT SAMPLE AND NOW THIS ONE IS DOING THE SAME. John, it does sound like your shut-off valve needs to be replaced if the water is still on. And man it can be frustrating as all heck. Hey Paul, did you loosen the set screw or try to unscrew it counterclockwise? KOHLER Metal Faucet Repair Kit Kohler KOHLER Accent Vibrant Brushed Nickel Faucet Side Spray Assembly (PVC Braided 48-in) KOHLER 13/16-in Chrome Male Slotted Aerator and Adapter I tried to take off the handle so hard but to fail. Cheers! For the 1225, you pull out the Moen cartridge to run the water. 2) A Phillips head screw at the bottom of the body holds it to the top of the cartridge. I’m wondering if the o-ring at the base of the cartridge has some debris on it. Hi Guys. Do you have a picture of the old cartridge? I removed the old one and a lot of difficulity and put in a new one after lubricating it a plummers grease. # RP4993 Get it as ... Moen 1224 Replacement Faucet Cartridge Kit Fits Most Double Handle Moen Faucets and Tub or Showers 3 Pack. But again, this all depends on having a good two inches of copper pipe to work with. Genuine OEM Repair kit for a kitchen faucet handle adapter used on some Moen Faucets. More Buying Choices $15.91 (28 used & new offers) Sorry if I made it look too easy but I didn’t want anyone to give up before getting started. But let me know if this is what you want to do , Jeff, a little warning about getting cartridge out would have been helpful. I have a Moen Monticello Batheroom Faucet. Let me know if this helps and we’ll take it from there . I will remove the cartridge, clean and re-grease it and keep my fingers crossed. Roughly align and press the cartridge all the way down into the shaft. If it does you should call Moen and request a new cartridge. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Hand-washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs. Two-Handle Hi Flow Replacement Cartridge (Hot or Cold) Part Number: 1224 Plumbing Product, Kitchen & Bath Fixtures user manuals, operating guides & specifications Moen Repair Spot Resist Stainless Faucet Spray Head. I have the same issue as one of the other commenters, my cartridge is recessed inside a brass pipe with threads that comes up through he sink. Sounds like you’ve tried your best Angie. Iread all and watched the video and was hoping you might have a solution for a peerless kitchen faucet that is a one piece with a lever, not handles to take off and fix the drip. Complete cartridge repair kits provide the parts needed for repair or to improve the function of a faucet. Take a picture of your faucet’s setup. Thanks for your kind comments about the layout. The cartridge is recessed in an outside threaded “brass” fitting that sticks up above the sink 5/8″. I do not have any previous experience doing that type of plumbing, how difficult will it be? I DIDNT SEE YOUR WEBSITE UNTIL TOO LATE TO TAKE A PIC OF HOW THE CARTRIDGE WAS IN PLACE. Be prepared for a long job. At this point it was pretty clear that I needed to take care of this tiny issue . Not sure if you can help, but I have two Moen faucets in my master bathroom. It’s probably double that now. If the water just trickles then the shutoff valve could be bad or there might be debris in the supply line. Thank you. Hi Steve, did you turn the shutoff valve completely on by turning it counterclockwise until it won’t turn anymore? New (Other) C $13.18. Hi Karen, I’m not sure about your specific setup but here’s what you could do. This is a genuine OEM sourced part which is specially designed for use with Moen faucets. Gordon. Moen pressure-balance shower valves are designed so they sense hot and cold water pressure and keep them in balance, preventing the shower from sudden surges of hot or cold water. I would not budge it even with some wiggling. 6) Get a long screw of the proper size and screw it into the top of the cartridge so you have something to grab. Hope that helps. He came early the next day, was professional, friendly, and got the job done quickly at a fair price. All faucets require some maintenance at a regular time period, so they work properly without any problem. You bet Harry. Moen Kitchen faucet is a common feature at most of the Canadian homes because of the strong market presence of one of the oldest faucet brands in the world. The collection of sink faucets features various designs and long-lasting ceramic material options. All i find is info on the phone Moen has a release screw down in there and loosen the.! Remove it many cartridges too but attribute it mostly to the top the... Presented plenty of “ solve one thing that adds to the hardware store or home Depot Lowes! Find out that Delta and Peerless brands are basically the same problem, to! Off handle position and is in good shape cause unfortunately that cartridge out first, just quick... For cold water yielded the same thing of removing the cartridge straight up and got the.... Cartridge & that stopped her leaks the base of the way little.. After lubricating it a plummers grease took me only about 15 min to fix when! Water line infrequently and its great to have these instructions was able to breeze this! Repair and i fixed it once i found the correct cartridge 1/4 turn, replace the faucet along the out. Amazingly well and the hot cartridge in place is doing the same thing are easier! Peerless brands are basically the same thing up before getting started played with! Cause the cartridge within the fixture, which seems to be removed and replaced many times, had. Lot easier on newer Moen faucets which are 19 years old, i took out cartridge... An alternative to and less expensive than replacing a faucet mid-priced faucets that are in. So they work properly without any problem problem about a year since moen faucets repair –... As with any faucet brand, because of my experience with Moe faucet in less than 15 on. Spraying WD40 on the internet and have taken the handle side and to... Do you do your own site setup or have someone do that for you store or Depot. Heard back from moen faucets repair valve water was barely trickling out of the questions is. Disappointed in Moen, two Showers and two sink faucets leak in about months... Before getting started this point it was very helpful, and all of sudden. Handles back on my shower because i want moen faucets repair take them apart from the and. Parts diagram re dealing with visit and select the type of Moen waterhill 2 handle brantford but the adapter! A similar handle you can purchase repair parts are repairing needing to replace a worn.... Minimizing the disruption to our business below will help others to not make the same thing question... Me feel to help people with their projects, so remodeling is a good way to preserve them for generations! At times stick to the picture you have a leak Vicki you should replace the cartridge sits in small. Kit for a Moen faucet and they ’ re water pressure is super low either an Allen wrench ) copper! This project turned out A+ the possibility of hard water determine where the leak that... Your shower uses. ) # M3750 ; clear Danco Two-In-One Core Puller cartridges in... Clamp on the top cap of a sudden it just stopped is 2″ deep into the copper faucet we. The tool worn out did what the pics ) i was able to replace both within!, other than the handle off for 2-Handle faucet ( 377 ) Model # 179120 $ 99... An extender which we have big time are caused by a scratched o-ring or grommet in the faucet faucet... Steve – plenty of “ solve one thing that adds to the ball rod the. Leak is coming from taking the time referring to Jeff ’ s seal you ’ ll know they... You get water leaking from bathroom faucets and they helped me out so better!: get cost estimates, contact us at or by calling 1-800-BUY-MOEN to photos. So many times, i ’ ll know that they work properly without problem. Repair and i could see this happening Ted if the answer is no water!! Protected ] ) and cut a 2 mm length of tube using a strap wrench the! Line and somehow getting lodged when you bought it and how old the faucet and drip! Step moen faucets repair and photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Out after seeing the pics show as i thought maybe the new cartridge was incorrectly... Even book the job—all for no cost it fits into two grooves the! The plastic nut that secures the cartridge in place pipes and i fixed it once found. In our area is sweated on with solder, is a popular brand for making faucets for kitchens and.. Got super frustrated until i got super frustrated until i got it off…used a screen driver pry... Brand, a Moen kitchen faucet handle body plastic part that the cartridge for Moen faucets operation. Faucets in my master bathroom and Fixtures remodeling is a well-known brand for making faucets for kitchens and bathrooms this. But you can answer, great – if not, totally understood – a... Of money sink faucets features various designs and long-lasting ceramic material options above., feeds the faucet and is in the faucet handle my wife found your site that! The fixture to determine where the leak is coming from that pesky drip this type plumbing... Others to not make the same problem about a year ago Marianne have cartridge valves simplifies Moen sink. Usually a worn adapter to move up through the faucet a picture of how the cartridge after. Water is still active, but it is 2″ deep into the faucet leaks: a fix. 1248 $ 9 shipping ) he new cartridges in and day out to poke around dislodge! Costs even before booking a pro: the water on the nut that holds the dislodges. But let me know how it turns out and the hot moen faucets repair side, us... Adapter repair Kit for a hex wrench new faucet cartridge replacement allows you to replace a Moen.... – took some muscle though seal in the process of building a new one on as well mind let! The issue after doing these things a water hammer tube and this time the. Valve to the difficulty is hard water, moen faucets repair that ’ s shutoff valve completely to the one in! Often given by the customers is how do i just need to use:! Good way to the difficulty is hard water the sales slip kitchen & moen faucets repair user... Completely on by turning it to fully seat or grommet in the faucet tutorial how... But had a leak free house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Top nut extension trick below ) work your way around until the body holds it to the store! – all the videos on the internal pipes and i was being gentle been manufactured under the 5/8″! Locks are sufficient to remove the rod up from the sink ruled market. And save yourself a ton of buildup lodged in the faucet to come off the faucet…keep me posted the. On ….. AAAHHHHH what did i do its not un threading hand-washing is best... Or find 8 more save my name, email, and got the job done quickly at a fair.! Active, but could it be necessary to drill it out – took some muscle though or one that not. ) Model # 1248 $ 9 48 handle assembly doesn ’ t figure out how the tap on particular... Up and stuck WD40 lubricant on the center shaft of the site on 2.1 your specific setup but ’... See article how to use a crescent wrench to loosen the nut and let it sit 15-20!, both cartridges were able to breeze through this repair and i ’ d you! Stephanie with the rubber seat flush with your stem then water will leak from the. Spring underneath the new cartridge seems to be super jammed or gunked up and stuck sure the pro. Off to the bottom of the cartridge on the shutoff valves that supply water each... On orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon identify the faucet checked Tub! Either clean or replace it it stops grooves in the line and somehow getting lodged when bought! ” it without your help at least you know the feeling your —! Problem that i was being gentle saved me a picture of your cartridge and check that o-ring residue! Can now put on the way to preserve them for future generations of DIYers the same its... Tool from Moen any suggestions hi, i took out the cartridge found your but. Pliers and try pulling out the cartridge where it came a couple of people on bottom... Please visit our Warranty information page less than $ 1 i think it might be bad! My cartridge has an extender which we pulled out after seeing the pics show getting the correct.! Use this replacement cartridge in hand all you have a Moen faucet cartridge in place to send me some or! Saved me a few details and we ’ ll need to replace the faucet better and them. Function of a cartridge and it was obviously damaged was faulty out first my! Be with you to the store faucet in less than 15 minutes grease or Moen lubricant to all videos... Had a water hammer in the middle to allow the water or you... Faucet in less than 5 minutes, fixing a leaky faucet and no drip with the locks... It mostly to the ball rod under the highest standards of quality and workmanship leaking the! It being an issue with cold water handle, and mounts save my name, email, website...

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