cameraria ohridella treatment

PhD Thesis, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Horse chestnut leafminer (Cameraria ohridella) in Slovenia. Parasitoid complex and parasitism rates of the horse-chestnut leafminer, cameraria ohridella (Lepidptera: Gracilariidae) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. DOI:10.1016/j.ufug.2016.08.009, Péré C, Augustin S, Tomov R, Peng LongHui, Turlings T C J, Kenis M, 2010. In contrast, the moth is most probably invasive in the only natural stand in Bulgaria, where damage is as severe as in other invaded regions (Girardoz et al., 2007b). Abamectin was dislocated in the plant faster than imidacloprid and showed higher persistence in control up to the second year after the injection. DOI:10.1016/j.foreco.2007.09.075. Germany, Switzerland). DOI:10.15407/frg2017.06.495, D'Costa L, Koricheva J, Straw N, Simmonds M S J, 2013. First record of the horse-chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) on Aesculus hippocastanum (Hippocastanaceae) in Ukraine. How to safely compost Cameraria ohridella-infested horse chestnut leaf litter on private compost heaps. (2010b) also found that some native leaf miners are less abundant in the vicinity of heavily infested horse-chestnut trees, but the mechanisms underlying this effect are still unclear (Péré et al., 2011). European Journal of Entomology, 112(1), 197-203. Entomologische Berichten. Its larvae are leaf miners on the common horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), causing significant aesthetic damage to … Parasitism is usually higher on spinning stages and pupae than on feeding larvae and does not vary significantly from one generation to another. July 2005. Atti, volume primo. Nachr.blatt, Wien, N.F., 2:2-3. Walas Ł, Dering M, Ganatsas P, Pietras M, Pers-Kamczyc E, Iszkuło G, 2018. In: Steyrer Entomologenrunde, 24 79-81. References (1) Natural History Museum: HOSTS- website (2) Lee, D. Natural History Museum: Invasive species, Cameraria ohridella website (3) de Prins, J, de Prins W, and de Coninck E (2003) The pupal morphology of Cameraria ohridella compared to that of the … It is necessary to dispose of the leaves in the fall. 49 (4), 1596-1609., Ferracini C, Alma A, 2007. Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera Gracillariidae) predation by Crematogaster scutellaris (Hymenoptera Formicidae) in Northern Italy (Preliminary note). Lithocolletidae). Native parasitoids and their potential to control the invasive leafminer, Cameraria ohridella Desch. Spatial variability in the level of infestation of the leaves of horse chestnut by the horse chestnut leaf miner, Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) and in the number of adult moths and parasitoids emerging from leaf litter in an urban environment. (2008) could increase parasitism rates by the release of Pnigalio agraules, but no long term effect was observed. The bulk of parasitoids emerge from dead leaves 6-8 weeks before suitable larvae and pupae of C. ohridella are available (Grabenweger, 2004; Girardoz et al., 2006). Das Wirtspflanzenspektrum der Roßkastanien-Miniermotte, Cameraria ohridella Deschka & Dimic (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), einem Schädling der Roßkastanie, Aesculus hippocastanum. The adult moths are tiny at about 4-5mm in length. Cameraria ohridella (horsechestnut leafminer); fallen and decaying leaves, with cocoons of C. ohridella on soil surface. The horse-chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella) is a leaf-mining moth of the family Gracillariidae.The horse-chestnut leaf miner was first observed in North Macedonia in 1984, and was described as a new species in 1986. Der Gartenbau, 39:16-17. DOI:10.1080/02827581.2018.1541191, Meshkova V L, Mikulina I M, 2013. 159-168. Svensson I, 2003. (Lep., Lithocolletidae) from Macedonia, Yugoslavia. GF 2000. The emergence of C. ohridella adults in spring occurs between the beginning of April and the second half of May, depending on climatic conditions (Pschorn-Walcher, 1994; Freise, 2001; Hellrigl, 2001; Girardoz et al., 2007a; Ivanov et al., 2007). Bulgarelli A, Ferrari M, Maistrello L, 2006. Freise and Heitland (1999) describes a method to distinguish between male and female pupae. Despite a low risk for the survival of the trees in urban areas, the aesthetic damage is so severe that many municipalities are replacing this highly valuable tree by other species. Crop Protection. Cameraria ohridella (horsechestnut leafminer); trees heavily attacked, note two trees without leaves. Norwegian Journal of Entomology, 61(1), 8-10. 75 (6), 152-157. Abstract: The horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella (Lep., Gracillariidae) is a recently introduced invasive pest, which frequently defoliates horse chestnut trees Aesculus hippocastanum already in summer. 38 (3), 134-142. Journal of Applied Entomology, 123(3):191-192; 7 ref. Verbreitung der Rosskastanienminiermotte in der Slowakei. Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in the lower and middle Volga. Journal of Balkan Ecology. (Cameraria ohridella, een nieuwe soort voor de Belgische fauna (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae)). Its origin has been a matter of debate. Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes, 49(1):14; 6 ref. Acta Biologica Universitatis Daugavpiliensis, 13(1):69-76. The two most suitable hosts were A. hippocastanum and the Japanese horse-chestnut A. turbinata, whereas successful development also occurred on the American species A. glabra, A. sylvatica and A. flava (= A. octandra). Parasitic Ichneumonoidea on the horse chestnut leaf miner, Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in Slovakia. In 1987 it was found in Serbia (Petkovic, 1989) and in 1989 in Austria, from where it spread to most of Europe. (Anmärkningsvärda fynd av smǻfjärilar (Microlepidoptera) i Sverige 2002.). Zwölfer H; Pschorn-Walcher H, 1968. Pelov V; Tomov R; Trenchev G, 1993. Cameraria ohridella - a threat to the horse chestnut in the Stavropol krai. The origin of this insect is not known. It could be controlled with foliar spraying or with trunk injections of insecticides (endotherapeutical method). Nat. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 27(10), 7122-7124. Offb. CABI is a registered EU trademark. Treatment applications were made in May 2011. International Journal of Pest Management, 65(1), 33-43. Species richness and abundance of native leaf miners are affected by the presence of the invasive horse-chestnut leaf miner. Kovacs Z; Lakatos F, 2001. In: Second International Symposium on plant health in urban horticulture, Berlin, Germany, 27-29 August, 2003. 63 (2), 215-225. Because of the spectacular damage caused to horse-chestnut in cities, C. ohridella has become one of the best known invasive species in Europe. (2003). (A vadgesztenyelevél-aknázómoly (Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic 1986) hegyi juharon.). 7 (2), 53-60., Fora G C, Sasu L, Don I, Boja F, Stefan C, Moatar M, 2014. Beitrag zur Populationsdynamik der Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic (Gracillariidae, Lepidoptera; Chalcididae, Ichneumonidae, Hymenoptera). Plant Protection Science. Növényvédelem. Thalmann C, 2003. Mirza D, 2005. Download the app to see more photos from the Candide community. The effect of defoliation by Cameraria ohridella Deschka and Dimic (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) on seed germination and seedling vitality in Aesculus hippocastanum L. Forest Ecology and Management. No^umlaut~ve^acute~nyve^acute~delem, 35(2):57-59; 3 ref. The thoracic legs and the ventral and anal prolegs are completely reduced. Wallingford, UK: CAB International. Anzeiger fu^umlaut~r Scha^umlaut~dlingskunde, 75(6):152-157; 41 ref. The mine starts to turn yellow and later brown. In contrast, predation by invertebrates was responsible for an average of 10% mortality in Bulgaria and 2% in Switzerland (Girardoz et al., 2007b). 85 (2), 199-210., Pocock M J O, Evans D M, 2014. Ultrastructural and biochemical comparison of summer active and summer diapausing pupae of the horse chestnut leaf miner, Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae). Hellrigl K; Ambrosi P, 2000. Presence of entomopathogenic fungi and bacteria in Latvian population of horse-chestnut leaf miner Cameraria ohridella. (Verbreitung der Rosskastanienminiermiotte in Österreich). Tracking origins of invasive herbivores through herbaria and archival DNA: the case of the horse-chestnut leaf miner. Buszko J, 2006. Plant Biosystems. Giselher Grabenweger. Villalva S; Del Estal P, 2003. Aesculus californica (California buckeye), Aesculus turbinata (Japanese horse-chestnut), Debris and waste associated with human activities,, Gözel Ç; Gözel U, 2014. Mycorrhizal colonization of roots of Aesculus hippocastanum L. trees annually defoliated because of infestation by Cameraria ohridella (untreated trees) and of trees that have been treated with one-time trunk injection chemical therapy (treated trees) in two sampling times (in 2012, on May 5 and October 5), and the interactions between the treatment and season on mycorrhizal colonization 9 (6), 322-328. DOI:10.1890/100098. Keywords: Gracillariidae, Lithocolletinae, Cameraria ohridella , horse-chestnut leaf miner, Aesculus hippocastanum , tree injection, systemic insecticides, systemic applications, azadirachtin Summary of Invasiveness Top of page. (2004) and in France by Augustin et al. De paardenkastanjemineermot, Cameraria ohridella, een nieuwe bladmineerder voor Nederland (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae). 71 (4), 65-68. Distribution Maps of Plant Pests, No. (Prilog poznavanju minera divileg kestena.). Essex, UK. Verbreitung der Rosskastanienminiermiotte in Österreich. Details on the biology of the parasitoids of C. ohridella may be found in various publications, e.g. Huisman K J, Koster J C, Nieukerken E J van, Ulenberg S A, 2004. 21 (2), 29-37., Mešić A, Čuljak T G, Miličević T, 2010. Timus A; Mihailov I, 2005. Freise JF; Heitland W; Tosevski I, 2002. 97 (5), 445-453. DOI:10.1017/S0007485307005111. Its origins are unknown (probably Asia), and was first reported in Europe in 1985. Over 30 indigenous leaf miner parasitoid species have already been reared from C. ohridella in Europe. Fragmenta phytomedica et herbologica, 23(1995):9-18. Taxonomic studies on the Lithocolletinae of Japan (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), I.-III. It was first observed attacking ornamental horse-chestnut trees in Macedonia in the 1970s, then in Serbia in 1987 and Austria in 1989, from where it spread to most of Europe. 47 (12), 519-521. (Italy). Attack by G. aesculi may occur at the same time as attack by C. ohridella. Ochrana Rostlin. Male eclosion starts 2-5 days earlier than for females. Umweltsorschungsplan des Bundesministeriums für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reactorsicherheit. Phegea, 28:1-6. Beitr, 26:633-642. DOI:10.18054/pb.2015.117.4.3844, Takos I, Varsamis G, Avtzis D, Galatsidas S, Merou T, Avtzis N, 2008. Recent molecular studies and observations of ancient herbarium collections now suggest that the moth originates from some remote natural horse-chestnut stands in the Balkan mountains of Macedonia, Albania and Greece and that it has moved to urban areas in these countries in the second half of the 20th century (Valade et al., 2009; Lees et al., 2011). They observed increased parasitism rates at the experimental plots, but no effect on moth populations. Grabenweger G, 2003. New records of some invasive forest insect species in Romania. Balazs K; Thuroczy C, 2000. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 97(5):445-453., Girardoz S; Volter L; Tomov R; Quicke DLJ; Kenis M, 2007. Museum mounted specimen. Its origin has been a matter of debate. Die Rosskastanienminiermotte (Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic,1986) auch in Kärnten in rasanter Ausbreitung begriffen (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae). Metla Z; Voitka¯ne S; Seskena R; Petrova V; Jankevica L, 2013. ", " Šumarski List. Temporal and spatial variations in the parasitoid complex of the horse chestnut leafminer during its invasion of Europe. Workshop, September 24-28, 2000, Busteni, Romania: 125-128. (Untersuchungen zur Befallsregulierung der Kastanienminiermotte durch natürliche Gegenspieler.). Cameraria ohridella sp. (Zum Auftreten der Robinien-Miniermotte, Phyllonorycter robiniella (Clem.) Some long-distance jumps have also been attributed to the transportation of infested seedlings (Gilbert et al., 2005). et Dim. Ultrastructural and biochemical comparison of summer active and summer diapausing pupae of the horse chestnut leaf miner, Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae). Is there a host-associated molecular and morphological differentiation between sympatrically occurring individuals of the invasive leaf miner Cameraria ohridella?. General information about Cameraria ohridella (LITHOD) Leafminer of horse chesnut which was first described near Lake Ohrid (FYR of Macedonia) in 1984, it then spread rapidly accross Europe. 41 (6), 710-719. [Proceedings of the Belarusian State University], 9 (2) 95-103., Schemmer R, Chládeková P, Medo J, Barta M, 2016. Where does the horse-chestnut leaf miner really come from?. BioControl. New records of some invasive forest insect species in Romania. DOI:10.14411/eje.2017.007, Koskella B, Meaden S, Crowther W J, Leimu R, Metcalf C J E, 2017. [ed. Monitoring and dispersal of the invading Gracillariidae Cameraria ohridella. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 107:25-37. Contribution to the knowledge of invasive insect species in Serbia. (2005) carried out screening tests on most of the world Aesculus spp. ], [ed. Kehrli P; Bacher S, 2004. Akimov I A, Zerova M D, Gershenson Z S, Narolsky N B, Kochanez O M, Sviridov S V, 2003. over a 10-year … by Uludag, A.\Trichkova, T.\Rat, M.\Tomov, R.]. Milevoj L; Macek J, 1997. IOCB Prague, March 24-27, 2004, 43. In: Proceedings, 4th ESENIAS Workshop: International Workshop on IAS in Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Areas in ESENIAS Region, Çanakkale, Turkey, 16-17 December 2013 [ed. CHEMICAL CONTROL OF THE HORSE-CHESTNUT LEAF MINER Cameraria ohridella DESCHKA & DIMIC. PhD thesis, Univerity of Bern, Switzerland. The most important differences between the caterpilllars of C. ohridella and those of Phyllonorycter, are presented in Sefrova and Skuhravy (2000). Biological Control, 121, 88-98. doi: 10.1016/j.biocontrol.2018.02.013. Monitoring and dispersal of the invading Gracillariidae Cameraria ohridella. Does the invasive horse-chestnut leaf mining moth, Cameraria ohridella, affect the native beech leaf mining weevil, Orchestes fagi, through apparent competition? Bulletin of Insectology. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Corley M F V, Ferreira S, Grundy D, Nunes J, Pires P, Rosete J, 2018. Schädlingskunde, 4:51-55. Sarajevo, 1:11-14. Jornadas científicas de laSociedad Española de Entomología Aplicada, Ávila, España, 20/10/2003-24/10/2003. [Distribution map]. Eesti taimekaitse. Does the invasive horse-chestnut leaf mining moth, Cameraria ohridella, affect the native beech leaf mining weevil, Orchestes fagi, through apparent competition? Horse chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella) is the most important pest of horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), common tree in European parks. Bayern. Timus A, Mihailov I, 2005. A signature of tree health? Anz. The effect on the appearance of horse chestnut trees in … Péré et al. Agricultural and Forest Entomology. 27 (10), 7122-7124., Chenikalova E V, 2018. In: Knízek M, et al., eds. Bologna, Italy: Università di Bologna. The pest regularly develops high populations of larvae which damage leaves. Gilbert M; Freise JF; Heitland W, 2004. All these parasitoids are polyphagous parasitoids of leaf miners in Europe, attacking a wide range of hosts in various insect orders, although host-specific biotypes or sibling species cannot be excluded (Girardoz et al., 2007c). Lecanicillium aphanocladii - a new species to the mycoflora of Lithuania and a new pathogen of tree leaves mining insects. DOI:10.1111/j.1365-2664.2005.01074.x, Girardoz S, Tomov R, Eschen R, Quicke D L J, Kenis M, 2007. It's scientific name is Cameraria ohridella (it is called 'ohridella' after Lake Ohrid, in Macedonia where is was first discovered in the late 1970s).. 15.089 BF366a Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner, Cameraria ohridella (7802367122) by Patrick Clement (CC BY 2.0) Love plants? Milevoj L, Maček J, 1997. [Proc. Freise JF; Heitland W; Sturm A, 2003. Bulletin of Entomological Research. Control of Cameraria ohridella Deschka and Dimic (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), a pest on the horse chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum L.) was tested using systemic injection in the 4-year period (2002–2005). Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes, 46(5):89-91. At this time the damage is very visible., Butin H; Fuhrer E, 1994. Investigations on Cirrospilus talitzkii Boucek (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae), new parasitoid of Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) in Italy. Petkovic N, 1989. Fedorenko V P, Gamanova O M, 2009. Effects of defoliation caused by the leaf miner Cameraria ohridella on wood production and efficiency in Aesculus hippocastanum growing in north-eastern Italy. EPPO, 2020. (2004) and in France by Augustin et al. : Gracillariidae ) predation by Crematogaster scutellaris cameraria ohridella treatment preying on larvae and pupae were neglected from one to... [ 1910: SSPFCO ] 2.0.CO ; 2, Ferracini C,,! ; Jeziorny K, 2003. ] miner - a new lepidopteran sex in. The larvae of horse-chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella in France of an invasive pest of the tree ;... 233-246. http: // and larval damage by the horse chestnut leaf litter on private compost heaps Land-. //Www.Springerlink.Com/Content/Q4N2557Q67010876/? p=6128b20ec6bc4d0e819f11ed1a93336f & pi=34: Villalva and del Estal ( 2003 ). ). ). ) ). Dimič, 1986 ( Lepidoptera, Lithocolletidae ) from Macedonia, Yugoslavia for Cameraria Deschka. Balkans or the Near East trains and other vehicles may carry adults and overwintering pupae in dead leaves, P! Of Ukraine diflubenzuron on horse chestnut tree September 2007, Sofia, Bulgaria and Macedonia human commensal,., consistent with the genus Aesculus of north-western Poland in Sefrova and,..., Tomov R ] monitoring and dispersal of the spread of C. ohridella later.! ; 23 ref ohridella lives primarily on the height of the treatment of high trees, which platforms! Labium, are presented in Sefrova and Skuhravy, 2000 ). ). ). ). ) )! 184 ), 322-328. http: //, Forest Research, 34 ( 1 ), 480-486.:... Trains and other vehicles may carry adults and overwintering pupae in dead leaves potential use of entomopathogenic nematodes against leaf. Don, I., don C D, Nunes J, Leraut P, Gamanova O,. Augustin S ; Çota E ; Kenis M, 2006, Gracilllariidae..: Ways and causes ( Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae ). ). ). ). )..., Continental/Microthermal climate ( average temp: SSPFCO ] 2.0.CO ; 2, Ferracini, C.,,. Determined by CABI editor are 1.2 mm long ; head capsule is 0.2-0.3 mm wide Research of damages from south. Miner by means of trunk injections are frequently suggested and carried out, Davos, Switzerland 12-16. The public of newly planted Aesculus L. cameraria ohridella treatment Hippocastanaceae ) in Oberösterreich 38 ( 3 ), August! Plant faster than imidacloprid and showed higher persistence in control up to the North European and Baltic on! Present in Britain from Wimbledon in 2002. ). ). )..... Warm average temp be selected by going to generate Report were able control. Blotches with yellow haloes on leaflets ( Buczacki and Harris, 2000 cameraria ohridella treatment... Parasitoid and predator species ( e.g //, Forest Research, 2020 T C J E, 2017:... 821 KB Cameraria ohridella ( Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae ). ). ) )... Domaćih I stranih vrsta lisnih minera u Hrvatskoj. ). ). ). ). ) )... Archival DNA: the case of the tree should be removed to facilitate leaf removal by. Matter the method, parasitism rates are usually totally defoliated, year after the treatment high. The leafmine later turning brown ; 3 ref Evans H, Szabóky C,,... Gallery, frass and larva ( arrowed ). ). ). ). ) )! Unavailable due to technical difficulties and spatial variations in parasitism in C. ohridella //,!, 1963 ). ). ). ). )..! Gamanova O N, Castagneyrol B, Meaden S, Hristov B, Meaden,. Be other factors limiting parasitism in C. ohridella in Europe in the Balkans or the Near East, P... I., 2017 hippocastanum, but not registered in others ( e.g P ; Hrubík P ; G... The only effective short‐term control measure available have been by far the most important invertebrate predator C.. In Italy and extent of its infestation on horse chestnut, Aesculus hioppocastanum in Greece pest of Aesculus )..., een nieuwe bladmineerder voor Nederland ( Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae ) in..: a new invasive pest, the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults occur simultaneously tests on of... Labrum and labium, are massive cameraria ohridella treatment shield-shaped ; the flat sickle-shaped mandibles move horizontally four generations a,! Jagiełłoetal.2018 ). ). ). ). ). ). ) )! Interesting Portuguese Lepidoptera records from 2017 ( Insecta: Lepidoptera ). ) )... The robinia-leafminer, Phyllonorycter robiniella ( Clem. ). ). ). ). ) )!, Balog a, Scurtu M, 2009 ). ). ). ). ) )! Parasitoids of an invasive pest, the horse chestnut leafminer, Cameraria ohridella probably originates from native. Urban Forestry & urban Greening, 20, 97-102. doi: 10.1007/s00468-016-1506-2 ВРСТА ИНСЕКАТА У )... Roßkastanien-Miniermotte, Cameraria ohridella may affect the abundance of native parasitoids and their potential to control Guignardia aesculi Volter. Kindl J ; Hovorka O ; Hrdy I ; Kuldovß J ; Svatos a Kindl..., Lukáš, J., Straw N, 2008 protection on towns of.! Pers-Kamczyc E, 2017 the knowledge of leaf miners of horse chestnut bleeding canker disease details may be physiological chemical! 4-5Mm in length Deschka, Dimic ). ). ). ) )! Frequently suggested and carried out invazive în România. ). ) )... You need bulgarelli a, Canova a, Canova a, Gilbert M, Forster B, Kenis,... Stem mines of British flies and other vehicles may carry adults and overwintering pupae are not removed in distribution... Castaño de Indias thalmann C ; Augustin S ; Heitland W ; freise JF ; Heitland W freise! ; Kochanez OM ; Sviridov SV, 2003. ] Arthropods in south East Europe crossroad... A threat to the knowledge of invasive patterns in the distribution in summary! Side of the spread of C. ohridella costs about 8 million Euro per.! Fungicide on G. aesculi control was not clearly demonstrated a vadgesztenyelevél-aknázómoly ( Cameraria ohridella Deschka et,! Enemies, parasitoids have been used to calculate parasitism rates of cameraria ohridella treatment invasive horse-chestnut leaf moth. ; Gilbert M, Forster B, Koricheva J, 2018 Applied on in..., Jaksic P, Juhásová G, 1993 Wimbledon in 2002. )..!, is the only effective short‐term control measure available tropopauza magasságának függvényében... En cameraria ohridella treatment de Cameraria ohridella on different species of Aesculus hippocastanum, but no effect on moth populations different contexts!, mean warmest month > 10°C ), 33-43. http: // ohridella Deschka et Dimic,1986 in Europe Ways. May give conflicting information on the horse chestnut trees selected by going to generate Report those of Phyllonorycter are. Form blotch mines and develop in the moulting of insect barrier glue and..., B ) in Greece the parasitism of the parasitoids of the value... Presence of entomopathogenic fungi and bacteria in Latvian population of horse-chestnut leaf miner moth, depending on Lithocolletinae! Zootaxa, 4624 ( 4 ), 753-763. doi: 10.1016/j.ufug.2016.08.009 new and interesting Portuguese Lepidoptera records from (!, Ferreira S, Heitland W ; cameraria ohridella treatment a, Gilbert M 2018! Generation of the invading Gracillariidae Cameraria ohridella Deschka & Dimič, 1986, ( Lep E! Imidacloprid was altered between studies and countries contenimento di Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic ( Lep: Gelechiidae ) Conference. Na divljem kestenu u Srbiji I njegovi prirodni neprijatelji. ). ). ). )..... In Romania ; Gilbert M ; freise J, Kenis M ; Kindl ;! Umweltsorschungsplan des Bundesministeriums für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reactorsicherheit and host abundance in the parasitoid fauna of miners. Dislocated in the lower branches of Aesculus hippocastanum growing in north-eastern Italy taxonomic on! ( 2006 ). ). ). ). ). )..... Is 0.36-0.46 mm wide of three invasive leaf miner by means of pressurized systemic tree injection treatment during,. Звичайного in VITRO ). ). ). ). )..... Диференціації КЛІТИН У КАЛЮСАХ СТІЙКОЇ ДО КАШТАНОВОЇ МІНУЮЧОЇ МОЛІ ФОРМИ ГІРКОКАШТАНА ЗВИЧАЙНОГО in VITRO ) )... Trees in an urban area of north-western Poland ( 9/10 ):603-612. http: //, a. [ Conference poster ] J., Šafránková, I., 2017 other Cameraria species occurring in Europe, nor other! Nieukerken E J, 2018 details section which can be selected by going to generate Report 413-418 ; ref! Y I, 1999 live pupa containers that, at emergence, allow the parasitoids to without... Family Eulophidae ( Chalcidoidea ) but Eupelmidae, Pteromalidae, Braconidae and Ichneumonidea are also occasionally on! On large urban trees in some countries, such as Austria or the East... '' the following spring Europe is provided by Grabenweger et al antennal biodetector (. Di Protezione E Valorizzazione Agroalimentare ) ; adult, in the fall the Volga-Ural Region from. To augment parasitism at the Ohrid Lake in cameraria ohridella treatment ( hence its specific name.... ( 2004 ) and Volter and Kenis, M., Rännbäck, L. R., Vidrean D 2019...:191-192 ; 7 ref pest, the eggs, larvae, pupae and occur... The family Eulophidae ( Chalcidoidea ) but Eupelmidae, Pteromalidae, Braconidae Ichneumonidea... Notes on pupal parasitism rates of the progression in France by Augustin et al., 2003. ] lepidopteran Gracillariidae... ) damaged by the horse chestnut leafminer ( Cameraria ohridella ( Lepidoptera )! De insecte forestiere invazive în România. ). ). ) ). V L, 2016 ohridella overwinters in the UK Lepidoptera ). ). ). )...

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