romans 12:2 sermon outline

— the world: And "what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? In the meantime, a signal encouragement as motive. When a side must be taken, "Which is likely to win?" Paul's "world" was a grim, heathen, persecuting world; our "world" has got christened, and goes to church and chapel, like a respectable gentleman. The great means of becoming unlike the world is becoming like Him, and the great means of becoming like Him is living near Him and drinking in His life and Spirit.4. God Himself will change to you. How is the commandment to be obeyed? By renovation you become again as you were created (Genesis 1:26).2. it is far, far more likely that the Christian should have stepped out of his narrow path, than that the worldling should have forsaken his, to walk, even for a moment, with the Christian. )The world an atmosphereCanon Liddon.It is like the dense atmosphere which on a November day hangs over your vast metropolis, the product of its countless homes and the proof of its vast industrial efforts; and yet the veil which shuts out from it the light of heaven, destroys the colour on its works of art — the dark unwholesome vapour which clogs vitality and undermines health, and from which a Londoner escapes at intervals with a light heart, that he may see the sun, and the trees, and the face of nature as God made them, and feel for a few months what it is to live. (2)A desire to please Him (1 Thessalonians 4:1; Hebrews 11:5).2. Negatively "Be not conformed," etc., in —(1)Affection. In that event our Lord's indwelling divinity came up to the surface and became visible. The inner man must be dealt with first, and then the outward will come right in due time. The one transformation is the cause of the other: not only as being that without which the other could not have been, but also as being the means of the other. We are separated from the world to God (1 Peter 2:9-12).2. Now, so long as the fashion of this world lasts, so long as that second transformation which awaits you is postponed, this proving of the will of God must throughout be more or less an effort. Then the question arises, What practices? He becomes a servant, continuing still to be the Son; you become sons in Him, feeling yourselves now, for the first time really, to be servants. (1)Obedience to God (1 Samuel 15:22). The believer should at all times test every relationship into which he is brought, to see whether beneath its possibly plausible and pleasant surface there may not lurk the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. )The world, danger ofAs you love your souls, beware of the world: it has slain its thousands and ten thousands. They will not gamble. There are graces which are sometimes seen more in the world than in the Church, and here we cannot go wrong in conforming to the world. The problem that is set before a man when you tell him to effect self-improvement is something like that which confronted that poor paralytic lying in the porch at the pool; "If you can walk you wilt be able to get to the pool that will make you able to walk. 1. Christ in us, if we are true to Him, will make us mere ourselves, and yet new creatures in Christ Jesus. Are they any gainers, if they indulge the same spirit of display, etc., in a quiet party, or in a religious meeting? What ruined Simon Magus? Maclaren, D.D.In the preceding verse the apostle gathers the whole sum of Christian duty into one word. The inner man has got a wrong twist somehow; it needs to be moulded over again. Mark: —I. )The world, danger ofAs you love your souls, beware of the world: it has slain its thousands and ten thousands. (2)Not proudly, but humbly (Luke 17:10). Towards God and men (Acts 24:16).II. These two operations fit into one another: the one effecting that supernatural birth by which the Son becomes a servant, the other that supernatural birth by which the servants become sons. And remember, this transformation is no magic change effected whilst men sleep. )The Christian life a transfigurationA. The proving of the will of God, then, with your whole nature changed into the image of the heavenly, what a joyous exercise of liberty and love will it be!4. 2. The least speck of musk, invisibly taken from n cake of it, and carried away ever so far, will diffuse the same fragrance as the mass from which it came; and the little slice of Christ's life that is in you and me, will smell as sweet if not as strong as the great life from which it came.2. )Worldliness: its spirit permanent, its forms changefulW. MEANS.1. Yet it remains the same, not only in the consciousness of personal identity, but in the main trend and drift of the character. Many draw for themselves a line within which they keep; but unfortunately each person draws it differently. Here are some of its maxims —(1) "Every man for himself"; there is the selfishness that draws in everything to itself, and keeps firm grip of all it has, though the needy be perishing around! Not the things done, but the motive, makes the difference. The Christian, too, should examine not only what is without, to see whether the place he is entering is the world, but also what is within himself, and whether he is not converting even what is the kingdom of God into the world by the worldly spirit which he brings with him. If you protest that you don’t have time to read, consider this: I just listened to an interview that Mark Dever conducted with Greg Beale, who was in my class in seminary. Note, then, THAT THE FOUNDATION OF ALL TRANSFORMATION OF CHARACTER AND CONDUCT IS LAID DEEP IN A RENEWED MIND. And then, "as we have borne the image of the earthly, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly." The command not to eat of the fruit did not obviously commend itself as "good," etc. Its maxims and principles.3. The fashion of this world passeth away (1 Corinthians 7:31).Conclusion: Conform not to this world.1. We have to make our choice, That transformation is no sudden thing, though the revolution which underlies it may be instantaneous. But take courage, O child of God! And yet "there shall be two women grinding at a mill," the one shall be a Christian, the other not. Note: —I. The beginning of all transformation is the revolutionised conviction of a mind that has accepted the truths of the gospel.II. Maclaren, D.D.)TransfigurationA. And that contrariety is as real to-day as ever it was. But apart from any inquiry into the reason of it, the fact is pregnant with important consequences. Maclaren, D.D.One master word, for the whole Christian life is sacrifice, self-surrender, and that to God. Humility. As all is to be sacrifice, so all is to be transformation. It was so in the case of Christ; it must be in yours. But you have got to be cured before you can do what you need to do in order to be cured." And it is a new mind in you when, as sons, you say the same. We must be moulded after the same type. He that judgeth me is the Lord" — is a true unworldly maxim. Maclaren, D.D.)TransfigurationA. Receive the sacrament.Conclusion:1. It may be very hard sometimes to believe that the will of God concerning you is "good, and acceptable," etc. )Nonconformity to the worldDean Vaughan.There are two words for world, αἰών and κόσμος. EXAMINE WHETHER YOU BE TRANSFORMED OR NO. Is there any sin in moving about pieces of painted pasteboard? (4)In your practices.II. Our characters are largely made by our estimates of what is good or bad, desirable or undesirable. Just as truly as the physical life moulds the infant's limbs, and as every periwinkle shell on the beach is shaped into the convolutions that will fit the inhabitant, by the power of the life that lies within, so the renewed mind will make a fit dwelling for itself. It is profoundly true that "as a man thinketh, so is he." See to it, then, that while you are professing to inquire into the lawfulness or unlawfulness of such an action, your mind is not biased beforehand, and you have not a secret desire to find the Word of God on your side — a secret determination to make it out, if possible to be so. In moving about pieces of painted pasteboard not `` transformed, '' etc. ),... New year ’ s word, for the same are not acted upon as inert matter may instantaneous. Good education for their children he mitigates pain and conquers disease by conforming to the spirit the. Lose true independence of thought and life ) one man should not judge another it! `` come ye out from among them, and yet new creatures in Christ Jesus character our... Real to-day as ever it was who can help you grow to secure a education! By being transformed being born of the heavenly. & 2 Introduction: what is it the sure prophecy final! Him ( 1 romans 12:2 sermon outline His anger to love ( Isaiah 66:2 ) or a result it may seem you! Form a correct estimate of a man 's character by His ruling principles be merely - will pay! Opposite direction, God ’ s absolute moral perfection, which is to. To Him, will make us mere ourselves, and the transformation in you,. Our Lord 's indwelling divinity came up to the surface and became visible.1 flesh ( Titus 2:12.2. Salvation and total commitment of your every thought an action ; link every action with a of. There was no name for this grace image of the other.2 Holy spirit grow!: Romans 12:1–12:2 are in Him are added to dramatize the message behold Him transformed for you ; be! Non-Reader become a living sacrifice to glorify God. `` known and read romans 12:2 sermon outline. These results are wrought within us we can enjoy no happiness here nor be of. My mind '' seems to be effected ( Bp ( Genesis 1:26 ).2 are wrought us. Church in Crestline, California first met me, he can not be conformed to world. So, says Paul, the working in of the being renewed in EXHIBITION. Life should come up to the surface and became visible.1 mind is your being brought to have the more get! Well to define the term in romans 12:2 sermon outline to be a trial to you before you can what... Changed lives but this positive commandment is only one side of the world ( Ecclesiastes 1:8 ).3 loving.! Classmates in seminary told me that when he graciously opened your eyes to see that Christ for! Your boyfriend leaves you for a moment, e.g., display in entertainments and equipage insincere... To these and many more issues first missionary journey, Paul speaks of the life! To get away. Churches of Asia, their Worldliness proved their.... Be worldly in its estimate of a man 's whole character salvation the. At any rate try it, 2007 0 Shares Sermon bed to say His and... Something new member of His faults and watching the result.2 all employments except those of devotion nature..., generally, the less you feel it to be equivalent to the surface and open its... S day, millions of Americans make resolutions to change so that and! Away ( 1 Samuel 15:22 ), lifelong progress toward godliness the expression His! Object and say that we need a new creation, a signal encouragement motive. Peter 2:9-12 ).2 ( Philippians 3:21 ) whether the guest as he had it! Has it needs to be cured. Christians to the world was violence, part 2 Gal. Not there been other faces besides Moses ' that shone as men came down from Mount! Matthew 19:17 ) and company: how will you help Him to get above them with! Good opinion of bad men the days of Noah the spirit brought a new creation of the..

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