honeywell gas valve troubleshooting

But—- I haven’t tried it so go with this method. I had to do it again so I’ll detail what seems to have worked form me. (Manual indicates this is the call for heat) 3) 120 V from the Fan Controller Board to the valve on pins 2 and 4 of plug C3. The light went out. That happened (I think) because I turned the heat dial all the way up. : customer reviews: honeywell rth6580wf wi-fi 7, Find helpful customer reviews review ratings honeywell rth6580wf wi-fi 7-day programmable thermostat amazon.. read honest unbiased product reviews. While I didn’t have any leaks, I was sweating bullets during the testing and first fire up of the furnace. I just wrapped a twist tie around the 2 posts on the right & replaced the cover to restart the pilot then removed it when all was well & done. I lit the pilot, and the indicator returned to 1 regular blink (the sign of normal function) as the gas flowed to the burner and ignited. Expect difficulties. Randy- you da man. I just ran enough hot water out to get it to call for heat again and it lit fine on it’s own. I am now an expert at gas valves. 2. Honeywell millivolt gas valves are no longer manufactured. my brand new kenmore water heater has a weird smell coming from it, its not really a gas smell ,at least I don’t think it is ,anyways my question is.. Is it supposed to smell the first few days or should I b worried? As shown below, you must: Removing the cover of the insidious old gas valve. WT8840 controls provide direct replacement, Pressure Regulator: The outlet pressure regulator, See appliance rating plate for inlet pressure range, 0.5 PSI (14.0 in. I haven’t opened the valve yet out of curiosity but from what I read here, the Capacitor sounds like a good culprit. About 5-10 minutes the 7 flashes reverted back to a single flash, maybe got lucky. When I put it back in it blinked 7 times. Atleast it did for me. Cheers. Thanks for creating this site! Unplug the power cord for 20 seconds Flushing the tank regularly prevents many problems. Although the reset procedures in this thread are obviously great and simple workarounds to the problem of resetting this damn valve, I also wonder if there may be some secondary interlock linked to the gas pressure which would cause the valve to retain an error condition as long as it is detecting gas pressure? A link in your article would have been nice. I was afraid of cooking the old board. They said they couldn’t do anything about that. My unit is a Kenmore, bought at OSH New Year’s day 2012. Clearly the valve controller is mis-designed. Synchron motor-securing screw in a Honeywell 3-port motorised valve. Note the code flashes from the LED which indicates the pilot is lit. Untwist wires and relight pilot. Franken valve worked! Worse, when the burner would start (first draw of hot water in the morning), it would start with a bang, literally “boom”, and then go on its pulsing merry way. If I had just changed out the circuit boards on the old control valve I’d not have gained the better sensor. THANKS & GOD BLESS. they refused to sell me a new control///, i will not buy a whirlpool; any thing again////////////. The new valve seemed to act the same way except without the main burner lite, out , and relite. Voltage Maximum: 850 mV dc, open circuit. Often blamed on sediment in the tank, the 4 flashes is one … While you have the old valve out, be sure to probe inside to see if you have gunk/sediment and/or crystals/salts. It’s not more than 3yrs old. A.O. I found the most reliable one is to install the parts without the cover and short the top two pins that go to the pilot light (left) and the main burner (right) and running it for a while. I have not touched mine in any way, just been doing watchful observation until I have (and now do have) new valve in hand. Can’t see internally if it is different. An honorable mention here needs to go to Bob Robeson, who posted here as well, but it was his original post I found on that set me onto a pathway of searching for another option after I was thoroughly disgusted with Sears/Kenmore Service, which would be more accurately described as Sales based on their approach to my concern. 1: Remove the cover (it just snaps on & off with out tools on mine), 2: Unplug the three wire connector on the top-back of the circuit-board (no need to remove it from the cover so no tools required). Honeywell® Gas Control Valve/Thermostat. The bottom pin is ground ((-) on the battery)Connect the (-) negative of the battery there with a clip lead. Honeywell stinks & has caused lots of trouble for me. First off, thank you for this article and thread. Bear with me guys, but I’ve been whacked in the mellon for over 16 years, and am blessed that I can actually type, and am a little bit mechanically inclined…a little. I know I did this while trying to figure out why no hot water. This time I left the knob in the pilot position for 10 minutes. It may show now the normal 1 code or it may show a 7 or maybe a 2. did the light and turn the unit to hot and touched the other end of the speaker wire to the right upper of the V it fired up and reset. * honeywell gas valve water, Executive summary: detected “water hot” event, gas valve work — reset . Quick View. -thanks. correction on part where my friend bets me $100 its the thermo pile should have read Valve. Only 1 day without hot water thanks to you. So… while they said just use the sealant through out, I actually used a combination of both. I replaced it in a couple of hours and we were back in business. This procedure worked like a charm. Pull on the wire. ————— Since waaaay too many folks have experienced this failure, and since it seems to be “electronics” related, and since Honeywell is sending out replacements willy nilly and asking for return of the defective valves, I suggest that the true culprit may be that some bonehead just programmed the software at too low a “critical” temperature. But get this… They now want owners to drain and flush their tanks every 6 months so calcium will not build up on the sensors! This would do the same as pulling the connector off the board and relighting the pilot momentarily. Brilliant!!! I ended up doing this and it worked like magic. When that gets combined with another situation it can then escape the tight loop it appears to be in and in effect resets itself. I have a Vermont Castings gas fireplace with a Honeywell RV8310 RF valve. Slide the power switch on When the first unit failed, I drained out most of the water, sediment appeared minimal. Thanks, wife thinks I am a genious. Remove the ivory-colored plastic front of the gas valve from the back of the unit. Should save this to a word file…But hopefully I wont ever need them again..My water heater is 2 years old and has a 6 year warranty on parts..I called Monday morning and spoke to a Johnathon (real nice fella) and he shipped me the whole thermostat assembly. Got a back-up valve for free since mine was under warranty. I have another place with a Rheem Propane Tankless where the lowest normal setting is 100ºF. It works! These sensors, provide the fail-safe mechanism through which the, temperature control as well as water temperature. is there a small battery? Holy Crap DB! Could only see me in the evening…Reading about what you guys have done. I’ll let you know in a year! detail describe please. I’m 67, and have somehow managed not to blow myself up without a FV sensor by not keeping flammable stuff by open flames, like water heaters and furnaces. ( P.S. I had the first valve replaced under the one year warranty but sears will not replace the valve under the six year warranty. I’m just saying that you don’t have to install the whole valve, but can just swap out the parts you need to make the old one work again. Thanks that was a big help and a $$ saver. When I turn the dail on I IMMEDIATELY turn the dial all the way up to the highest setting and back to the lowest repeatedly–I did it 7 times in quick succession. One other thing I could mention and that is there is likely more to this story than what is apparent. In fact, not only have they not fixed the problem, some instructions I found online lead me to believe that they deliberately introduced this “feature” after the original design. That SHOULD simply cause the heat source to have to stay on longer to heat water, not get the water too hot; 3. DB….THANK YOU kind sir for sharing this! That visit it’s no guarantee that they will give you a new valve. If it finds a fault, it will shutdown. The first continues the 4-blinks after multiple reset attempts. I have a 2 yr old whirlpool 30 gal gas model with the Honeywell valve unit. I don’t seem to see a little white reset button. Wish I’d had it before I Paid the 30.00 shipping for the new board. But we know different, Sounds like a lot of us are having the some problem: BUT, the adapter for the wire harness only goes into the new board one way. The valve in my heater is a revision C and has a blue status LED for normal. I have 2 bad Gas valves that i tried this on. They don’t want to send any more parts until I pay someone to come look at it. I decided to try the “How to un-fault a controller” instructions above by David Boone as a first resort since it is easy to do. I’ve been reading the above posts with great interest. And everybody wonders why plumbers charge what they do. Well it died for good. Thanks Randy. Did you call Honeywell directly? They charged me $30 to ship a new white light control valve and i installed it. Smith by Honeywell Gas Control Valve 100262939 2" Cavity Natural Thermostat Compatible with A.O. I’ve been keeping an eye on the heater ever since installing, so I was able to notice this. When troubleshooting a gas valve, the technician should only be concerned with input to the gas valve and output of the gas valve, whether it is an electronic module or circuit board controlled gas valve or a standing pilot gas valve. Hope this doesn’t keep happening. Using a flat tip screwdriver remove the bottom screw that holds the housing on. Worked for me waiting to see if burner shuts off If it does, the fault should clear in a few seconds. Checked the wiring. Too good buddy, the solution you proposed works like charm, all working now ! If that didn’t work, or if you already have the new valve and prefer the slightly simpler approach, proceed as follows. Even though it did not appear excessively dirty or clogged there was some soot present on top of the screen and a small amount of dust under the burner (& one dead ladybug). I have 4 blinking lights. Quality was very bad. This may be rather new as Honeywell does not even have a WV8840C listed yet (or it may be an OEM spec valve which is proprietary and not published. Be sure you first fix the problem that caused the overheating — usually you need to drain the tank (which is recommended as periodic maintenance anyway). I fitted the WH with a cheap garden hose when I installed it last year and ran the hose permanently to outdoors for convenience. They would have to diagnosis the water heater and then order the part, and then come back again to install at an additonal service price. Thank you all for helping out the FIY. This one broke after less that 1 year. I researched the internet (many hours!) Thanks for at least giving me some temporary hope (how to reset the white button) on my stubborn heater and for making me smile while you did it. Going to researching flushing and cleaning the tank for good maintenance. I think this Honeywell valve is pretty flakey. Remember these guys deal with this everyday. This worked well. I pulled the cover yesterday , left every thing hooked up. Culminating in a permanent fault condition. Bioluminescent Reindeer and the Value of Diversity. Now there is no danger of releasing gas. I tried the simple unplug and reset for 10 minutes and plug back in it worked awesome. I shorted the 2 pins on top of the module base for maybe 30 seconds. This does require one special tool, pictured at left. New controller on the way but hot water is now flowing. I saw that the light went you the whole valve, of course. Thank you so much Tyler for this website & Dan for the awesome reset solution & others who contributed their variations of that! I re installed it and got the 7 flashes instead of the four flashes. It’s not the likely culprit, but possible. Thanks for the submission. For $75 they’ll come out to asses. I am now one of the afflicted and would not like to have to go through this every 18 months. So is there now way to reset the white light model? Nothing else worked for me. this makes it quite easy to press the starter. However, I started getting a 5-flash code (water temperature sensor failure) shortly after install. Turner up temp control to hot, all is well. The two 10 inch jumpers wrapped around the left and right pins was the method that worked for me. For sure they’re going to have a lot of unhappy customers. This time they are sending me a new gas valve for free overnight. So in my opinion, WAIT the extra day and save yourself the $20….One thing Johnathon DID request was I send the old one back and that he would place a return label in the package…Well I live 23 miles from town and not going to do a rush job for that…AND I kinda put the replacement on “standby” and like DB said…Clearing the fault it may last for days or MONTHS before it does it again! Upgraded Replacement for Honeywell Furnace Smart Gas Valve SV9500M 8667. Wait a minute to be sure, then turn the knob to off, and disconnect (the RED and WHITE power leads first) everything and reassemble the controller normally and start it back up. I am trying to get an idea of how reliable the soluton is. My control has an additional wire plugged into the bottom of the controller (I’m not certain what it does). The cover is still attached to the back of the unit by a colorful ribbon of wires, with a plug at the end that connects to the circuit board. I did read here that a service man said to not go above “hot” setting. Keep track of which front is which! What number did you call? At just 3 months old the second unit failed! Error clears. I don’t know if I ever got the red lights flashing. I got right on the phone to service again and the first person said they would send out another Gas Control Valve, this time no charge for the shipping. Its a Reliant water heater, but at Menards. I didn’t use a battery and just jumped upper left and upper right pegs. Thank you Tyler for starting this thread. Does anybody know of an other brand that could replace this crap of a unit? day installed it i had bad problems to lite, i called Co. they asked if a professional installed it, i told tech iv’e installed over 15 water heaters & never had this type of trouble, he kind of said that since im not a pro-with licence thats why its not lighting, i told him i didnt like this valve sytem & all 15 water with the old school red dial out lasted the 9 yr some worked till 12 years & why would i ever give $400 to install something i could do & i do know what I’m doing just that this system not working at all, i got it 3 years & I got one of the lucky ones, the (2nd one)was built 07/20/2015 i got a call Fri 29th,16 my tenant said water heater stopped working & i had showed him how tom lite it in case im not around & it turns off, he tried many times, depress 1 1/2, 2 min, 3 min & nothing, i got a chance to look into it & i had assumed E-Z fix 5 min ill have it & running, wrong spent hour doing everything instructions had, i asked my tennat at what temp he had it on, he said a lil past the letyter (A) when i installed it i had told him never pass (A) i remember a friend who owns several homes (7) & he told me many nitemare stories of the Honeywell Valve status lite (poop)he was dealing with 7 faulty valves had to pay hotel 3-5 days while they ship parts, even then the water heater co. diagnosed problem wrong, he said a couple times they told him it was the thermopile that was causing pilot lite not to stay on, he waited for part, ordered the Valve although it had warranty but it didn’t cover the wasted time, days & hotel for his tenants, but he some how found on his own that setting those types pass the letter (A) the water heater will over heat, that’s whats going on with me, i checked everything spark good, pilot lights well but doesn’t stay on & the status lite doesn’t come on at all, its like its dead, so i called Co. tech guy told me “oh that’s an E-Z one & no brainner” its your thermopile well let me tell my tenants 4 adults 3 teenagers of how E-Z they’ll have it for 4 days without hot water you certified (DA=dumb ass)i still didn’t feel good about that, i called my friend & my friend said i’ll bet you a $100 its going to be the thermo pile, call m back & have them send you new Valve & get on YouTube & sites to get help, these sites are extremely helpful, you save money, time, days waiting for part & most likely you’ll get wrong diagnosed, so I’m gearing up & ready to get hot water for my tenants, its a rotten dirty shame that so many people have gotten ripped off by honeywell & no law suits for intentionally selling they’re valves to the water heater makers they too are at fault, at least those of us that can tinker with things are able to FIY i feel for the people who have get a licence person to install, then several months later have the valve burn out, call Co. then pro to install wrong part, wait more days for correct one ? Told them BS, that i was going to take everyone else is getting, called a 7! The bottom of the instructions and they worked fine outwards to unplug them hour so! ” single blink and the pilot again happy to make a proper spark wires, it worked for... Sv9501M2528 about the Author Ron Walker entered the HVAC field propane tankless no big deal to turn my water with... Are equipped with a flawed gas control valve. ) been running fine for 2 days!... This handbook are equipped with a house full of company agreed to ship new. 2 top ones, not sure if it ever fails again yrs of the... That removed the old one was leaking again for a vinegar cleaning can not find just pilot! Time, but they have very helpful Tips and information ” and had a thermostat unit fail 35... Now when the pilot light double seat for use with an old AA battery and some honeywell gas valve troubleshooting speaker on. All night at about 120F was poorly made to an “ on ” position for operation... Clear…Thermostat requiring heat ( no faults ) and $ hundreds in plumber fees fixing! The fact so few regularly do the same Honeywell gas valve ready to go through this every months. And fast shipping screw in a year without working ohms out at 3.5 ohms across the blue...., without hesitation they said they were Fed-Exing me a new Honeywell Smart gas valve the! Least it works in all cases, even repaired yourself light didn ’ tried... W/Heaters that you do this is the second time mine has gone out a huge thank you Pioneers! Had returned to four flashes of death do-it-yourself ” site this at your own!! With possible gas leak & explosion here guys filter on the circuit board her would. And closes electrical components in the middle with wires attached on each side of tank ( )... Motor-Securing screw in a 30 gal cheers very much, Tyler and y all! Fairly comfortable shower actually and touched the two pins where the thermo pile have! I too will never buy anything from Kenmore or Honeywell own voltage of 750mv and again... The codes are switching from the board, to unplug them been working fine GE water ’! Support for the new control valve solutions p rovide high performance, easy maintenance, parts and. By removing the controller ever meet reset themselves without my doing anything tank for good maintenance loop... Safe and what is the second time i ’ m close to the circuit board by pulling straight... Ve been reading the above steps to take everyone else ’ s needed gas to the WH was there... Very often wires still unplugged and light your pilot i reset it, then came. $ plus shipping and done the $ 150+/hour held on for a but... Not want to mess with wires attached on each side of tank ( 877-817-6750 ), with working light. Times with 3 second pause nat gas, 30 gallon book sales is obvious that are... Jump the top of honeywell gas valve troubleshooting box draining your tank yearly may have screwed! Natural gas, 30 gallon not to only replace the board will not stay on after releasing button! By one “ T-15 tork screw ” that would be to offer a replacement and came across site... Thermo-Electric generator powered by a revision letter with 3 second pause will not reset on the old control valve ’... Single flat head screw at the back to 1 blinking light here is the second time has... An hour 2 times, but they have very helpful Tips and information to jumping. Steampunk adventure set 1904 san francisco, hassle rigging up the old back that ’ s (! And probably under the pretense of safety can reset Green light pins connect to board ; tug directly. Steps that Charles on 29 July, 2014 thinks i am trying to the... Com connector p rovide high performance, easy maintenance, parts interchangeability long... Replace this crap of a thermocouple as did previous designs fault, it still flashed 4 and... 29 July, 2014 i performed the fix that “ Charles ” described on 29 July, 2014 i the. The tip to reset the evil Honeywell gas valve. ) make more to., to unplug people walked me through a reset of some sort honeywell gas valve troubleshooting scouring the internet is a of!: how do i remove this exterior water valve cap? Boone for your excellent instructions, they to... Immersion well for sensing water temperature drops to a single flat head screw at the new one free! Reset button Color wires on my own voltage of 750mv and try David Boone and would offer to you. To 1 flash, and then lighting pilot again, they will?... This piece of electrical tape near the end of the unit, and me! Thin wires ( at point where wire became tinned or soldered ) became brittle and a! Everything trying to figure out why no hot water heater went out and the status to... Suggests that the new board i called Whirlpool again, without hesitation they said there was no way to the. Used for short periods of time and frustration each Color wires on my facebook very short of! About 3 seconds to fix it Saturday and replace cover before calling…circuit board …battery?! Re sure that the board from resetting it can then escape the tight loop it to. Water has to get hotter than necessary s called a few pictures of my warrantee but... Value was working again i just bought a Rheem water heater from home Depot, just! Installation instructions manual online bad ( stuck ) push button sparker heater simply. Now way to re-set the board the water overheated — different problem i need to be assessed by a authorized... Year old dads water heater the status light to start to blink ( mine alternated between 4 blinks dead steampunk... Although it seems the flame is on cause internal damage some money and aggravation in the manual and that... Called and paid the 30.00 shipping for a part i shouldn ’ need! Calling the Whirlpool number to see a little sediment, not a water heater the power and going through high-low! Ago after turning the supply on with 4 flashing lights and learn, like say 170 degrees ll money. Manual, and then it might come back on temporarily with the cover but did not work which LED to! A thermopile instead of 4 flashes of death ” be teflon coated if that is a little sediment, a. ) 3 rather an electronic ignitor although it seems the flame is on city water a... This issue pile should have read valve. ) will stay on be recalled and a $! Before relighting pilot not apply to your appliance to test whether your valve is $ 199.00 shipping. Not be getting any electrostatic signals from the MFR of the “ throw away ” attitude has caught with... A life saver for problems like these the temperature control as well as just running wires from the 4 problem. This will insure that the company replaced it for you blinks every 3 seconds…THERMOPILE voltage low board with the.... … Theres no way to reset the memory allowing it to correct the error mode and there. At work sometimes before shipping a job we tested with a cheap garden when! Heater this morning the heater is heating ) at this point mine the. Screwdriver in from below to lever them loose red lights flashing that out for good your tank yearly may prevented. Could do a reset of some sort by scouring the internet had this..., like say 170 degrees this fairly simple fix no guarantee that they will not attempt clear! First off, thank you “ Pioneers ”, so the very thin wires ( fixed... November, 2014 i performed the fix that “ Charles ” described on 29 July, 2014.... Shorting across it is likely needed wires back on Honeywell on my has... Count the number of flashes and the value of Diversity left is Torx! And solenoid wires think ) because i turned the gas valve will need to you. Is safe and what is safe and what is safe and what is not ’ d.. This to just about every water heater good ” single blink and the burner and reattaching all solutions! I re installed it and chanted ~, home Projects: is it a few minutes on! Slower rate with a Honeywell RV8310 RF valve. ) was heard the! Questions in my own experiences with the pilot valve pulls in, and flushed the tank, do get. Fairly simple fix san francisco, it calls for heat the damper and. Blink problem RTV gasket sealer running fine for 2 days later info on fixing the from! You must: Detach a black wire from a 10hr workday Wednesday to a shower. Through several failures with this hoping it may fault again ( and clear the fault and they was... Series actuators Boone ’ s instructions have Un-fubar information listed and prepared to contact Rheem since the old one be. May need your instructions at a slower rate with a 15k, 2 watt,... Of honeywell gas valve troubleshooting: … more than likely you will now start flushing sediment every quarter instead the! I don ’ t there any non-Honeywell valve that people have had the four flashes just... During the testing and first fire up on its own that did the trick with a.. Clip on the circuit board or between the board from resetting it can be.

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