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After the sun gets up, the fishing has gotten much tougher over the past week. Smith said current restrictions have to do with how often you can eat the fish out of Lake Hartwell as well as what size of fish is … 11-29. Why is that? Lake Keowee are spotted bass. Seneca, SC 29672ph: 3-10-20. Experienced, even professional anglers, come to Keowee and struggle. Water in the northern end can often be very clear. Fishing remains good in deep water. b) Documentation photographs are required for each entry. Related Resources. 11-22. Keowee is often overlooked by its neighbor to the south, Lake Hartwell, both of these lakes possess great fishing opportunities. Keowee is a beautiful, clear-water lake that’s filled with spotted bass and home to far more bruiser largemouths than most bass fans probably realize. Reel in the big fish with one of our handpicked fishing reels. Of the 88 campsites available, 46 are waterfront. Lake Keowee Oconee - South Carolina. We have a fully stocked ship store offering boat rentals, slip rentals, and a … Fishing Attractor Site #1 - Lake Keowee 34.69783, -82.96664 9-13. Conveniently located on beautiful Lake Keowee off Highway 123, in Seneca, South Carolina. Food Safety - Revision of Regulation 61-32 & 61-36. Larry Westmoreland, who … The bass fishing has gotten tougher in the last week on Lake Keowee, and N&C Marine/Skeeter Team member Guide Charles Townson (864-324-2065) reports. Anchors may become tangled in fish … When we can find schools like the one shown below the action can be fast and furious. Had some folks from Chicago out today and they boated 24 spotted bass with a few big fish. We use cookies on our website to give you the best shopping experience. A beautiful, generally clear lake, it is about 25 miles long and oriented north/ south, covers approximately 18,500 acres, and has around 300 acres of shoreline. Numbers and big fish of both types are caught from the shallows and the depths almost all year long. Lake Keowee Area Maps There are eight topographic maps of Lake Keowee. Tags Advisories Fish Consumption Food Safety. The lake holds ample bass to go around, and some of them reach bragging size. Great spring fishing still underway on the lake. Lake Jocassee Jocassee is a beautiful lake just north of Keowee which is surrounded mostly by protected forest land and only a few homes. It is my favorite style of fishing on the lake. Spending a lot of time on main-lake structure, Adrian College’s Jarrett Martin and Jacob Bayer caught most of their fish on Rapala Shadow Raps and a Terminator spinnerbait. Some say yes and others I talk to say no. Anglers who use advanced electronics can track down the big ones in deeper water along points and ridges. Boated ten good bass using deep water techniques. Excellent electronics (and patience) are a must to find and catch these fish. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Whether you like to fish, boat, or Smallmouth Bass. Got the new Humminbird Helix sonar dialed in and obtained some great images! The lake was created to serve the needs of Duke Energy, and lake water cools three nuclear reactors at the Oconee Nuclear Generating Station. This is my favorite time of year and fishing should remain strong until the first of the year. Just try it once and you’ll be wondering if it’s the fish … Better day today with some deep fish caught in 70+ feet of water. This man-made reservoir was created to serve the needs of Duke To most anglers, that probably means 20-30'. Hot water is discharged back in the lake near here, or so the water in the middle portion of the lake stays warm all year. A number of live and artificial baits will entice largemouth bass. Unlike Lake Jocassee, Keowee is heavily settled, primarily because most of the land adjacent to Lake Jocassee is owned by Duke Power and the State of South Carolina . Because of the current and warm water this site is home to tons of aquatic life. “I've been fishing mostly on Keowee lately and the bass are pretty much in a feeding frenzy this time of year. Glowing Review of Lake Keowee in South Carolina We returned this summer to Lake Keowee, a remote man-made lake in western South Carolina that offers ideal conditions for recreational boating, swimming and camping. I have not had a chance to fish this lake yet, but plan to next year. Lake Keowee is at 98.9% of full pool. Lake Keowee is a reservoir in the northwest corner of South Carolina. Now is a great time to book a trip for March as I expect the bite to be strong by the second week of the month. Lake Hartwell has the most with around 10 restaurants, but even that is a … What is deep? However, Keowee is now a spotted bass impoundment for the most part. There are no striped bass in Lake Keowee. Continue to have some luck with schooling and suspended fish. It’s also one of the deadliest. Water clarity is normal. However, Keowee is now a spotted bass impoundment for the most part. But Lake Keowee is best known for its massive population of non-native spotted bass that feast on the main forage base of … See more ideas about lake keowee, lake, oconee. Another major cold front coming in today and again next week. Water temperatures have reached the low to mid 60's in the mid-lake area, but still in the mid 50's on the south end of the lake. Lake Keowee Oconee - South Carolina 121 catches 916 followers 171 spots Known for its state record Yellow Perch, Keowee also has excellent largemouth, smallmouth, Crappie and … Water temperatures have dropped and it is hard to find fish in any numbers. The pre-spawn bite is another awesome time to fish Keowee. The water level is kept within a specific range by drawing water from Lake Jocassee, located just north of Lake Keowee. Fishing is good right now with prespawn and spawn underway. Lake Keowee - Stripers - posted in Freshwater: Does anyone fish Lake Keowee and are there stripers in this lake? 4-5. Warmer afternoons will be better around docks and structure. Even though we fought some rain this morning the fish cooperated and we caught over fifteen spotted bass. If Lake Keowee camping isn’t quite right for you, a three-bedroom rental cabin offers creature comforts with a scenic overlook of Lake Keowee and a private boat dock. The club sponsors five yearly member-only tournaments and participates in community service projects and fishing events for the handicapped. Topwater is working well into the morning on cloudy days. Smaller species of fish such as crappie, bluegill, and yellow perch can all be found in coves, creeks, and the shorelines of Lake Keowee. 4-26. Then, it will tell you the type of fish and amount of fish that is safe to eat from that waterbody. Fished the ABA Open here over the weekend and caught a five fish limit but every fish was small. Largemouth Bass. I bought a place off of 183 & 188 just off of Knox Road on the lake but do not have a boat. Spent some time on the main lake today and had more success. Nestled in a beautiful blue water cove, Lake Keowee Marina does the work and you have the fun. I have caught spotted bass down to 100' on the lake. Not only is it the perfect backdrop for your Gabriel Builders Handcrafted Home, but it provides year-round sport. Add in the degree of difficulty of fishing gin-clear water, and Keowee can be an intimidating lake. Had a good topwater bite and finesse worm bite, boating about fifteen bass. Surface water temperatures have been falling rapidly over the last few days and they are now in the mid to upper 50s over most of the lake. I target these fish with finesse baits and have spent a lot of time working with the. Some fish on the bed, some still pre-spawn, and some post-spawn. This pattern should remain strong through December. That can be "shallow" on Keowee. Good topwater bite this morning. WALHALLA, SC (FOX Carolina) - An Upstate fisherman said he reeled in the largest catfish of his life on Saturday at Lake Keowee. Other popular species on Lake Keowee include catfish, brown trout, rainbow trout, yellow perch, bluegill and crappie. Lake Keowee is also steep and deep, and its waters generally stay quite clear, all contributing to fish that can be fussy and challenging to pinpoint. Call about our Lake Keowee homes today, 864-944-2312. Most trips catching a good number of spotted bass. I hope to get one this year and start fishing. Lake Keowee is a reservoir in the northwest corner of South Carolina. Dec 27, 2015 - Explore Margaret Butts's board "Lake Keowee", followed by 182 people on Pinterest. The northern end of the lake backs up to Lake Jocassee, the power plant is in the mid-lake section, and at the lower end outflows from the two dams (Keowee Dam and Little River Dam) combine to form the Seneca River and feed one of the major arms of Lake Hartwell. Learn more. Lake Keowee Perhaps one of the favorite amenities of The Reserve is Lake Keowee. I fish deep water on Keowee - a lot! Lake Jocassee has none (mostly due to zoning) and Lake Keowee has only two. 5-13. The University of South Carolina’s Chris Blanchette and Hampton Anderson won the event by targeting spotted bass with Yamamoto Senkos fished around stumps in 5 to 7 feet of water on clay … Spotted bass have become the dominant species on the lake. Another good day on the water with a father and his son. Keowee is a beautiful, clear-water lake that’s filled with spotted bass and home to far more bruiser largemouths than most bass fans probably realize. Please do not anchor. The water is clear to very clear on the lake. The Club's mission is to help members learn how to fish for bass on Lake Keowee and have fun in the process. Or enjoy Free Shipping on orders over $50! With a few consecutive days of warm weather, I anticipate the bite will turn on pretty quickly. 4-16. Shop our collection of fishing rods to find the one that best matches your needs. You love your Lake Keowee home. Lake Keowee tends to live in the shadow of its more publicized neighbor lake, Lake Hartwell. Keowee Fish. Due to its clean and open waters, Lake Keowee is able to support many of the popular freshwater game targets. Fishing is good. In the 1970’s, an Anderson, South Carolina company dumped tons of PCB waste into a tributary of Lake Hartwell resulting in the contamination of fish in the lake. Lake Keowee is an excellent place to fish for bass including largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted. The highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains. The lake still has some big white crappie as well as a very few black crappie, but this population has also dwindled. Variant Names: Brown Bass, Brownie, Bronze Bass. Sign up to get exclusive fishing reports and special offers delivered directly to your inbox. This big largemouth was caught on a topwater bait. I have not had a chance to fish this lake yet, but plan to next year. LAKE NEWS Click story images to show Fish Attactor Info and Locator Click Here 4065 Keowee School Rd. Caught a largemouth bass in 71' of water today - this is the second deepest largemouth I have ever caught on the lake. Don't leave it because your needs are changing, create your dream home in the space you already have. Spotted Bass; Largemouth vs Spotted Bass; Largemouth Spawn Map; Spotted Bass Spawn; Techniques. Join AHQ Premier for unlimited Free Shipping & access to the AHQ Report. Want more details? The lake is also very different from end to end. We caught 19 spotted bass this morning. The bass fishing continues to be good on Lake Keowee, with N&C Marine/Skeeter Team member Guide Charles Townson (864-324-2065) reporting. Another good day on the water with a father and his son. Went out with a friend of mine this morning and we caught over twenty, including some nice fish on topwater. Here's a large school of fish that I targeted, catching fourteen spotted bass here. Some say yes and others I talk to say no. Both Spotted and Largemouth Bass can be caught in numbers, … Lake Keowee – Lake Jocassee – Lake Hartwell – South Carolina Lodging If you want to stay overnight in the park, you have access to camping with tents and RVs. Read more fishing reports from Lake Keowee and other popular places at the AHQ Report! Lake Keowee is a reservoir located just 7.9 miles from Central, in Pickens County, in the state of South Carolina, United States, near Old Pickens, SC. All equipment and tackle provided. The fishing in Lake Keowee and the rivers and streams that surround The Cliffs are some of the best (and most scenic) in the Southeast. Fishing remains good with an early morning pattern and then moving out to 15-25' of water. Larry Westmoreland has caught plenty of fish in his 70 years, but he’ll be hard pressed to top the one he reeled in Saturday night while fishing at Lake Keowee. Catching fish in 40-50' of water on drop shots and small spoons. Anglers enjoy world-class opportunities, and numerous state records have come from these waters. Keowee Vineyards Marina: 107 Dove Tree Trail Sunset, SC 29685 : 864-868-7772 : Crooked Creek RV Park: 777 Arvee Lane PO Box 188 West Union, SC 29696 : 864-882-5001 864-882- 5040 : Lake Keowee Marina: 156 Keowee Marina Drive Seneca, SC 29678 : 864-882-2047 When it comes to catching bass on Lake Keowee, Brad is only half-joking when he advises fishermen to throw everything they know about bass fishing out the window in order to understand fishing on this lake. Had some folks from Chicago out today and they boated 24 spotted bass with a few big fish. Purchasing some bait might help you get permission. 5-20. Excellent fall fishing continues. An advisory will list a lake, stream, or river in South Carolina. Water clarity is normal. Early morning bite is good to very good. 3-2-20. This is my favorite time of year and fishing should remain strong until the first of the year. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Largemouth Bass and. Being out on the water and taking in the striking views of beautiful Upstate South Carolina leads to unforgettable memories. 10-16. Copyright 2019 Keowee Fishing. Article about Lake Keowee Fishing by Jay Ahern, Anlgers Headquarters. Lake Keowee is the place to dive locally in the winter months. 1-27. Visibility is usually in the 6-8' range but can be higher at times. 2-25-20. The northern end of the lake features steeper banks and drop offs and is influenced by the movement of water between Keowee and Lake Jocassee. If a waterbody or type of fish is not listed in the tables, it means that DHEC Framed against the blue waters of Lake Keowee, explore and fish to your heart’s content. This pattern is usually at its best in the March-April time period. Fishing Attractor Site #11 - Lake Keowee 34.82644, -82.88886 Fishing Attractor Site #12 - Lake Keowee 34.83303, -82.95336 12-3. Had a trip on the northern end of the lake this morning, fishing above the Highway 11 bridge. Josh Bensema and Matthew McArdle of Texas A&M caught their bed fish on an Xcite Baits Raptor Tail craw Texas-rigged with a red bead under a 1/8-ounce tungsten weight. Have focused on the mid-lake area this past week in 12-20' of water with good results. Check out these tips on the Ned Rig for Keowee. Had a great trip on New Years Day with a veteran angler wanting to learn about deep winter fishing on Keowee. Nice largemouth and crappie are still caught, as are the rare smallmouth and white bass. 12-19. 11-19. The AHQ Report is your source for exclusive fishing reports, tournament updates, and more! Larry Westmoreland has caught plenty of fish in his 70 years, but he’ll be hard pressed to top the one he reeled in Saturday night while fishing at Lake Keowee. Since there is very limited structure in the lake, the spotted bass population is constantly on the move and roams around the lake in search of food - primarily threadfin shad with some blue back herring. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including carp, redear sunfish, redbreast 3-15. Read now. This spotted bass was over 19.25" and caught on a finesse presentation today. Also present are crappie, bluegill, yellow perch, catfish, brown trout and rainbow trout. Lake Keowee Fishing Report – lake russell crappie fishing report For the shoreline structure to hold crappies it has to be in somewhat deep H20.

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