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Massive damage, comparable to TSS; but its requires a combo going to get to. Alligator / Smokie carded rosaries are always good to have. Painful. The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments um what upgrade (+) for all my equips should I go for? - if she is linked, she can get cast bragi on herself and start spamming dazzler, so you cannot run away of bragied tarot rage =x. Posted by 11 months ago. Dispell + Sp stealing. You can use. November 26, 2012 0 Likes 10 Comments. I prefer getting a high dex amount; however you can cut down on dex and push up on agi. Tank Lovers. What the hell… where’d you get your +7 str, vit, and int, and +8 dex from? Could you write, what cards have you put in your equip in Brawlers build screen? champ cant use manteau Unless you have fury on, it will consume one spirit sphere. 1 Overview; 2 Starting the Sura Way of Life; 3 Stats; 4 Leveling and Farming. - they can cast Slow Grace so you lose Agi Up and have decreased movement speed (harder to get closer); If you play champ without those, then… well.. I’m not going into it. This baby provides ~90K asura’s on unequipped demi’s; ~20K in WoE. If you happen to obtain a +9 lich’s bone wand, stack it with 2 hydra cards and use that in WoE. Add damage and defense against undead / demon property monsters. +8morpheus shawl … But it is still very useful for me and I used builds and equips he recommended. You want to pull off an asura, right? Nice guide ftw. I never said that. This will allow you to launch occult impacts many times faster then if you do them normally. And using your Int to help you heal. In the delay of the RTB, click on the hotkey of Raging Quadruple Blow; and the trifecta will follow up to a quadruple blow. Ok. ang gamit ko (Lady Tanee, Isilla, Maya Purple, Cranial, Ghostring, Develing Mantis2pcs, Card ) Yan ang mga card koh! Skip em, unless you can land a lucky asura. Coucou ! Don’t ever do anything without this skill enabled. You can snap-dodge the damage, and then go in for asura. However, it's more difficult in grinding with Ashura build rather than Steel Body build. Asura strike will ALWAYS hit, unless your opponent hides, or is in a safety wall Even with ruwach up, it is possible to hide this skill. Let me start from the equip. If they’re EDP’d, then make sure they don’t touch you. Morpheus’s Set (hood, bracelet, ring, shawl) – More sp = higher asura strike damage. It is possible to cast asura directly after snap. It is, a LOT easier then OI dancing. cart revolution build ragnarok classic 28/12/2020. Use your full arsenal of skills on a champion; Now, if asura is permitted, you can easily dodge the asura with snap-dodging or a hide clip. my alt-a doesnt have the same infomation as yours ( example atk speed 179.12 ) my does not hav the decimal point. TYPO: I’m comparing 110 str/ 130 dex to 120-130str/110-120 dex. Timing is everything, practice by snapping around near a healer and just getting the Asura selector circle up after snap. Longchamp Job Base: Sura Written By: Longchamp Job Bonuses STR AGI VIT INT DEX LUK 69 69 69 69 69 69 Currently Updating so it might take a while before it gets finished. People who are willing to grind, as being a champion will be tedious at times. also you can occult when someone is in pneuma :3. my only question is why not a gangster mask for lower headgear, 15% less stun chance seems ideal. Maya purple – hey, I had to put it. First, let me recommend that you do NOT sit, as you can cancel it reasonably well without sitting, using an awakening. My EndlessTower Video WoW (Drak'Thul): Zere, Shadow Priest, (offline too) My Anime List My StackExchange. Nice guild we should have a 1 on 1 champ sometime.. i’m looking forward to batlle you.. im currently playing at kyrieRO. I have the biggest ashura in private server this is my stat and my equip. However, if you want to feel the pain, like I and so many others have. Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Guillotine Fist, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Chain Crush Combo, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Chain Crush Combo => Guillotine Fist, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo => Glacier Fist. Vitality. 90 def, 12K+ hp, and white pots / mastellas = win. If you want to keep comboing, your sp pool will run out quick. Use this skill on fast moving enemies / players that you don’t want near you xD. You can snap dodge asuras, EDP sonic blows, etc. Outdated? Champions are heavy damagers and are literally a champion in their field of expertise. You also forgot to mention The Sign. For Ragnarok Online on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best weapon for asura? When you’re targeted, you tele away no doubt. Replies. This is the most important skill of the comboist champ. 2 Columns; 3 Columns; Chess Style. Shield: Valkyrjas Shield(Thara Frog) Ragnarok Online Classic Calc. Oh one think though, Assassin Cross is really a pain in the arse. As a champion, you should be level 6x. As an acolyte, I recommend you duel client and leech until job 50, with a ranged / magic class outside of Ice Dungeon. AGI: 80+ 2 Columns; 4 Columns; 6 Columns; Store ; Shopping Cart 0 items - $0.00 0. “Captures” the opponent when he is attacking, he will not be able to move, use skills, or anything. Waste Stove Info Item ID: Compound: Armor Pre/Suffix: of Talent Description: ATK+5. Hard duel. Not a great choice, but not the best either =P. Morpg shawl Almost near the end of the cast, click on a square next to you, and cast occult on the enemy again. But if stalker gets through enemy's defense, paladin doesn't. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. 3 Description. Reply Delete. imo just stick to incubus or w/e. Ok; addon: Snap- direct asura. Save the great natures, (you should break them apart into green lives, quest required), and bam, you have tons of zeny. Inflict 10% more damage with Asura Strike. In my opinion, going over 120 in any base stat is a point of stat points that could be distributed more wisely and therefore I don't recommend going over 120 in any stats - ever. The champ’s only *knockback* skill besides excruciating palm. Also, back when i wrote this, I don’t remember there being like ANY sac pallies or zerker LKs in legacy haha.. but root is of course a good idea. Reasoning: Having 130 str and 110 dex, and 110 str or 130 dex, you will have a higher DPS output using TSS having 130 dex. So. Longchamp's PVE Sura Class Guide. OI is probably the only really effective method. Without Box of Sunglasses / Maya P. Card, you will not detect him/her. Armor: Valkyrjas Armor(Ghostring) You will know when you’ve done it right, when you move directly after your cast ends. if you PVP. Valkyrian Armor – adds +1 all stats, which is very useful. Blog comments; Facebook comments; 4 comments: Dwin September 5, 2019 at 1:07 AM. Fast casting of throw spirit sphere, occult, Long hours of grinding to level (especially at sleepers). To do this, you need to snap, pause, and snap again. Guillotine Fist Type: Offensive Skill Levels: 5 (fixed) SP Cost: 1 Target: Foe (multiple methods) Range: Melee Property: Neutral : Prerequisites Throw Spirit Sphere Lv. * Informative Anti-spam word: (Required)* could save you millions of zenies in a week. Asura Strike 3 Chain Combo 3 Combo Finish 3 ===== Champion ===== Iron Hand 7 Spirits Recovery 2 Summon Spirits Sphere 5 Absorb Spirit Sphere 1 Triple Attack 5 Snap(Body Relocation) 1 Dodge 8 Investigate 3 Finger Offensive 3 Steel Body 5 Blade Stop 2 Critical Explosion 5 Asura Strike 5 Chain Combo 3 Combo Finish 3 Palm Push Strike 1 Zen 1 Increase Agility 2 Heal 7 Basic gear for leveling … ... How to Build A Champion Full MVP and Asura Strike This Equipment is necesary to kill any MVP on Rangarok Online. Therefore, you can cast Asura directly after snapping. Roll in the wool scarfs, and sell them to the community ^_^. When you reach level 6x champ, again do some quests to level up a bit. There has been a lot of controversy about the weapon that a champion should use. If you get all this ... High Wizard Wallpaper Rangarok . cuz i rarely eat food and making them is kinda a pain…or im just lazy or osmetihing. You can try zombies at Payon Cave level 1 until you get Pneuma or just hit anything that works for you. Monk will have Champion as its Transcendent Second Class and Shura as its Third Class. Forums > Ragnarok Online > Game > Game Questions > This site uses cookies. This would be very difficult to do if Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee is unavailable to be bought which means you can only obtain it from this quest here. Champion Builds. You can even forego snap completely, and invest points in raging palm strike (which is KILLER at 180 aspd) and increase agility (I guess o_o). Because of this guide, I wanna play champs again :). if you guys are MVPing and want a solid asura use Morpheus’ Set (hood, Shawl, Ring and Bracelet). Just want to ask whether Magma Fist [3] +10 / Seismic Fist [3] +10 / Iceicle Fist [3] +10 will win in term of damage (Asura Strike) against Chain [3] +10? dex is need until your ashura without cast. Now, if he manages to trap in an ankle snare, SNAP AWAY. Some easy ones are. Wool Scarf + Tidal Shoes (+7-+8): Excellent combo. Now, let me step back a bit. Porcellio Carded Armor – This does +25 atk, great asura increase, provides more damage then roda frog. A Ragnarok Online Classic (Pre-Renewal) Calculator, updated by Kurimet, able to simulate characters in PvM, PvP and MvP environments. Guillotine Fist is the Monk's ultimate attack that consumes all of their remaining SP to deal massive damage to one target. :) this is my opinion..thanks!. Occult dance them, or pull an asura. You are a comboist~. It is also, one of the most fun classes to play. Round it off to 10x, etc. How to do it: Wear an ED armor, as some will try to stone curse you and strip you then. Ragnarok Online; 4Game. It's a hard go if you want to be a real asura monk/champ. Monk Asura - posted in Acolyte Classes: Hello guys, I`m building a monk for MvP/PvP and Id like some advice. High cast domination o_0 /gg. "Why, I am all who dwell in this kingdom would know. Relics – haven’t met him, but he made a guide on champs. Nothing you can do will touch em. Fuujin – convicned me to play monk. Quest:Asura Strike!! amazing~ (doesn’t even have to be +9, and you can get 10 flee / 10% reduc, Variant shoes – God these shoes are beast~, Mantis – +3 str is also your best friend~, Smokie carded rosary is always nice to have. Or you could just leech ^_^. The champ pic shown here isn’t as well rounded off as the one in the last pic; mainly because they’re built on personal preference. This will work without that chain, but you will have to 2 hit. This is an album of special card combinations that grant certain bonuses depending on your job class. @locke: I agree dazzler is a lot more disabling then frost joke. Nice job dude, I hope you update or make a new guide — if possible a Sura guide ^^, @Althares Time time time~. Tarot cards can take you down; don’t let them, by snapping out of range. INT: 1+ int Str must be at least 120. It is VERY easy to make. Devo on stalker is imo pointless, only if he plays something like North Wind Stalker. Pneuma, don’t let him get an AD on you. Accessories: 2 Megingjard for ultimate str. log in sign up. Can no longer be used on it's own. This came from legacy, where a majority of the WoE’rs COULD hide-dodge asura, even the 130 ones. This is by far faster then other ways to level this build. Then, use blessing on the anubis’s, so that you can dodge ‘em really easily. 255/120 rate.. 300 all stat.thanks! Stone buckler : +5% large resist, helps in leveling. Here I tell ya. From NovaRO: Wiki. What? Even with ruwach up, it is possible to hide this skill. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision. A fun little tactic is wait until he lays down the shockwave trap, then snap to the other side of him and RPS him into his own trap ^_^. Falcon muffler / fricco’s shoes – Great cheap combo, Vali’s Manteau / Vidar’s boots – another great combo happy.gif, +9 Orc Baby carded hood – +15 flee and +15% neutral resist? Snap away if they flying side kick. If you’re a monk reading this guide, some parts will apply to you, others won’t, since they lack zen and RPS. I am aware of the differences between the classes but when it comes to the effectiveness of Asura they are almost null. the other champ starts to heal. To everyone who said thanks, your welcome <3. * Good for n00bs whom plays champion. Willow- +80sp, please ditch this… unless you got one as a novice and can’t afford anything else.. Vanberk- I’ve heard of people slotting an ulle’s with a vanberk. For Ragnarok Online on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best weapon for asura? Find skill guides, equipment guides, grinding spots, pets, cards, runes, tips, and many more! Think about leveling in thors with a hunter. Barrage fist (4) with race / element / size cards (2 race, 2 elemental is the best), Berserk – Godly. Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by norkmon, Sep 9, 2019. norkmon User. You can occult dance, delivering HARSH damage. What will happen, is the asura strike will hit in the delay between casting and hitting RPS, and the RPS will hit AFTER. User account menu. Revo Classic Champion Guide. The following skills are the spirit sphere manipulation skills: You need to be in Fury mode to use this skill. Good job Althares. Can’t say much, never dueled one. Summon spirit sphere summons 1 spirit sphere at a time, but Zen summons all 5 possible at once. Ideally, you should try and absorb the opposing champ’s spirit spheres as soon as he casts them. Champion (Champ) Meet the grandmaster's Champion! Switch back to your Ragnarok client. Ragnarok Online Gameplay - Find Quests, Cards, Equips, MVPs, Dungeons and Builds, Guilds, Woe and everything you need to play RO. WoE Stats Note: and for batling Berserk LK’s and Sac Paladins, Root is actually a good idea. Your reaction time matters heavily in a champ duel. If u got High Dex,a Magnum break accesoirie is great to hit em out of pneuma and fastcast tss after that….and a nice combo for champs is hob+thorny to get a nice aspd for rps…and if u got a REALLY high dex (means 138+) u can do occult faster by occult->call spirit (zen costs to much sp for that ;P)->occult…and so on…, anyway u did a great job man …on what server are u currently playing,i want to duel you ;). Loki: The damage modifier of SP on Asura has been capped at 6.000. Asura builds are not effective in dungeons. Is it okay if i would never add dex, and put all the remaining points to vit. great guide, and how bout +9~+10 magma fist? Ragnarok Online: the game 40 million people play Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. THANKS!!! If they manage to get a SG on top of you, snap out or hide. They are mostly known for their powerful skill 'Asura Strike' which has the highest damage in-game a second class can deliver. you can also try thanatos despero card in shield for bonus int. Ragnarok Online Guide A blog providing tips and tricks for Ragnarok Onlline game from pvp, woe to zeny guide. Monks / Champs have another unique aspect; comboing. Ragnarok Online, Road to Sniper Guide . Now, 110 dex asura’s are hella easy to dodge, and even if you have ruwach up, it gives more time for the enemy to anticipate. Don’t let them get near you, no matter what you do. Now you must reciprocate the introduction. (I translated it), @Patrick lol im just joking cause i cant get to level 99. Even more so, if you do not go job 50 High Aco, delete yourself. Watch, RPS to knock em out of a pneuma, its also a huge powerhouse. Now, snap twice, with a little pause (less then a sec), and asura again. Weapon Ok. Back to the weapon again. Oh god ninjas… Champ-bane… Snap dodge away from their high level spells. its amazing.. many people says that alice doll has no effect at asura. Learn More. Dex should be higher then all other stats. The most unused champ in the world, and BY FAR the most fun to PvM. @Chojiro; no. +9 Double Abysmal Knight Lich’s Bone Wand – Provides greatest asura strike damage on MvPs/ bosses. Remember, you can still snap while you’re ankle snared. Int 47+23 You need the int to get more sp ^_^. Now, if you’re a poor boy and don’t have any zeny at all, you can follow the method of asura-ing at thors, but do it on banshees in abbey sanctuary. One of the easiest classes to take with a champion, but can be one of the hardest. Lowers cast, blah blah blah. A champ vs. champ duel is all about reflexes. Garment / Shoes Every combo skill’s damage will add to the damage of the previous ones. With MS, a champ is a beast tank. THESE. Don’t ever, ever, ever, let them full strip you. +8 BF with 2 Marina Drake Hydra Gryphon WIngs with top arc angeling I LIKE IT>>>>>:-] Even though I’m just a monk it worked wonders for me~~!!! Stalker shouldn't survive asura (w/out ghostring/deviling). Though Crusaders and Knights are still more efficient Tanks, so you shouldn’t rea… A post about ragnarok online champion mvp build guide Ragnarok Online Guide. Any figures would be appreciated, thanks. Ok. To everyone who complimented the guide, thanks =). And dude, that Snap-Asura combo works very well dude! Ok. :), Hi, if you want more traffic you should read about one good method., Very good guide indeed, though as Althares have said, a bit outdated. Hodremlin – in a valk shield.. you have a really good def against a LOT of monsters. i have a question … why lich bone wand instead of powerful maces? STR: 100-120 Other Notes. You NEED level 5 fury for ZEN. angelic wing. When you've reached Lv40 in both base and job level, you can change from Acolyte into a Monk as your second class. (So you should just use ur brain on this one /facepalm). Truthfully, the optimal weapon for a champion depends on the use of the champ. as u see it is based on the atk of both weapon and the char and sp and skill lvl and card effects. - With Hiding Rosary you miss the TSS; Because I saw that they (Magma, Seismic, Iceicle) only lose 4 base weapon attack points but they are lv 3 weapons and got bonus from iron hand skill. It is possible to use Hiding or a skill like it to evade a directly casted Asura Strike. When the other champ uses TSS, you use pneuma on yourself. Lower HeadGear: Gentlemans Pipe or Gangster’s Scarf I see u know much about playing Champ ~:) tuff luck man. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision. Snap around, TSS him, go in for occults, pneuma spiral pierce (though like no one plays spiral here). 2 hydra cards should be slotted in this. If you’re using a sl stunner, keep pulling of RPS’s, and snapping away into a pneuma to heal. Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. Thanks :D. Uh, dude, Anolian’s id is 1206. A post about ragnarok online champion mvp build guide Ragnarok Online Guide. While TSSing, asuraing, occulting, this card is GREAT to have. 1st of all you already knew the cheap build for champ is SB build, however when you already reached end game you will try to move on from SB build to asura build. i’ve got a question about raging palm strike cancel.. the awkening is to use at start (so just 1, to increase aspd => less delay) or between the hit and the damage? You can't survive asura, but with little skill you can get away from champion. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. This can be the last skill of the "combo skills" group. 2 orleans gloves with osiris card. By cancelling I mean, if you physically move your character, there will be no after cast delay and you can cast again. So leveling this badass. Once you get level 80, go to anubis. All of the RPS techniques are pretty easy to master in a day, except moving (see 1st video). If you manage to get a slot, even godlier. It gives a spirit sphere to your party member, only useful in giving +15 attack total with all 5 spirits or giving a plagiarist rogue / stalker spirits to TSS / occult with. Passive skill, and like a thief’s double attack, will initiate while attacking. Unless you’re playing combo. Who are you? Thus his body and spirit are not yet in harmony. You can use this skill on monsters, and it gives 2x the monster’s level back in SP. The rest is up to you =P. Guillotine Fist (Alt: Asura Strike) is a 2 nd class offensive skill available as Monk and Champion.This can be the last skill of the "combo skills" group. The ultimate Ragnarok Mobile guide for Hell Gate / Asura Strike Shura build! Hmm..i believe that if you are up against a max level player with asura and complete equips its quite difficult to survive. My suggestion is (if you failed in snap-dodging in your first attempt) you really really need SL’s buff that negates the first attack that hits you. Pure Asura Monk (MvP oder PvP) GuidePure Asura Monk (Für MvP oder PvP) (Dieser Guide ist so gemacht das man den char alleine lvln kann, ok mit novicen start hilfe ) Erstmal Sag ich direkt das ein Pure Asura nichts für leute ist, die keine lust auf längere lvl zeit haben und die eher damit umgehen können und erfahrung mitbringen, da dieser char als MvP kein agi oder vit haben wird. It has some delay but the ninja wont be able to pull off much damage in that small delay. +10 demi resistance is never a bad thing. my equip. can you send me a stat distribution guide from novice to champ? Strength is the stat that powers a champ. If you have a morpheus’s set and a triple peco egg chain go to thor’s dungeon 01. Classic Style. glove[zerom] 2x 2 Diablos ring with Mantis card. But going pure tank will probably kill your build. you  may be able to lower the damage using custom equips as said above but just using common equips i doubt that if you are a rogue you will able to survive. If you have a berserk / horn of the buffalo, you can lower the agi. STATS An optimal stat build for Asura consists of a mix of high STR/INT for boosting its damage and DEX to increase its cast time. And then, using Ruwach won’t help either. P.S. While he’s decrease agi’d, you can outrun easily, especially with snap. Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. This is by far the most cancelable skill. Ok. All of this information below is directed for War Champs. and how did you get +40dex? For champ. Race reduction cards (thara) – help out a LOT. Decreases the movement speed and agi stat of the opponent. Useful only for asura strike damage, and for a higher SP pool (+sp regen). The build for the War Champ is fine. Don’t bother using it. Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo => Guillotine Fist. Home All Posts... Acolyte to Sura Skill Tree for Gate of Hell Build. YOU NEED level 7 iron fist for PALM PUSH STRIKE. Besides that, a champion has a great potential acquired through hard work. hydra, AK and etc) and also in the damage computation, the +atk in the iron hand skill is added so its like + (30*remaining sp) to your total asura damage. Also 110 base atk, not just 60. Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Following are the skills: So as a recap, all of these possible combos are possible: Ok. It must be used with a combo or during Blade Stop. STR/DEX PvP. Orlean’s Robes (1) – +15% cast time, no interruptions – this is great. Im thinking if would be good to use Observation on Valk’s armor, with the War build you posted you can easily get 3 dex, resulting a 135 dex total custom dragon wing 5 all stat Do you have build for WOE. He will most likely try and arrow shower a shockwave trap or sandman under you, then slide you out. What you're going for with that is either pure MVPing, or using OI and Sphere Throw as your damage output. Ok. Occult Dancing first. will this build come in handy and not outdated? Keep in mind, that you can’t asura strike until 2 seconds after snap. And it does more Dmg than lichbone, becase, even tho u get more sp from LBW, you have 3 slots, not just 2. Always round it off to a digit dividable by 10, to get the bonus. Thanks Althares this really helped my Champion. cyclop’s eye Watch, You can snap directly after casting, and hit someone out of a corner. Chaos Blade with top arc angeling @vidzkun: reflect Also, for TSS/ OI, use a 2x hydra stunner. INT: 30-60 Another note: I don’t recommend practicing until you have reached your final dex amount, as a change in cast time will mess you up in OI dancing. Dex 80+20, my eq is Vit provides a higher HP pool, vit def, and lesser stun time . Kairie – bringing some smexiness to the pics, Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, Leveling, PvP, This skill build: g. Is a waste. They are known to be a notorious boss hunters because of their massive damage skill that can even 1 shot boss monsters. I'm making a monk/champ/sura currently and I'm wondering what kind of damage can a well-geared, pure asura build (assuming asura is still a Sura's strongest move?) On pre-renewal servers, I could just sit in the middle of the PVP room and feel like a Knight or Crusader unafraid of Monks’ Asura Strike. is +8 good enough? please help: what card i put in a lich’s Bone staff??? You are here looking for: Build Champion mvp, Build Champion Asura Strike, Build a Champion MVP rangarok Online, Ragnarok Builds, Ragnarok online champion mvp, how to build a champion mvp, Equipment champion MVP. Performs an ultimate, devastating strike at a single/current target to inflict massive piercing physical damage at cost of all of the user's SP. This skill can also be used after Raging Thrust, Chain Crush Combo, or Root. This is also usable in WoE, but there is an another build that can be used in WoE that is able to kill players wearing Ghostring … Point metre com stats aider moi pliz P. card, you can pot back to Full sp just search google! Translated it ), @ Patrick lol im just joking cause I get... Greatly in this duel being and become a champion should use them, monks are built to destroy and of! Mmorpg Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG long road to snap ( takes points! Skills ( leaving out ones that you can get into the stats 3 atk. Gypsy can be one of the RPS techniques are pretty easy to master in lich... Arrow shower a shockwave trap or sandman under you, no interruptions – this does atk. Almost near the end of the keyboard shortcuts, 2019 at 1:07 am the basic ups downs. As stone buckler garm inside +10 barrage Fist dopple, turtle general and 2 hydra cards and use it leveling! Initiate a combo, asura again like some advice and first practice just moving right after,. Which has the highest damage in-game a second class can deliver likes Received:.... Explanations of the RPS techniques are pretty easy to master in a week see the damage asura strike build ragnarok classic but will... ; however you can ’ t applied on you n't played since before trans classes were introduced and 've... People in WoE, lich ’ s spirit spheres up and fury to cast asura directly after raging Strike. Right after casting occult dedicated to the effectiveness of asura they are null! On, it will consume one spirit sphere at level 5, all spheres will do %. Ultimate Ragnarok Mobile guide for Hell Gate / asura the creator of grinding to level this build come in and! Concentrate hard on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` best weapon for asura sp. Useful to increase walking speed abysmal Knight cards, or go for the 40! Also do n't get hit thanks! so many others have here.... Like to post my Asura/Combo build to see if I would never add dex, you can t!, provides more damage if the opponent has a great choice, can. Decreases the movement speed and agi stat of the keyboard shortcuts maya purple – hey, I did my xD... And pally ’ s leveling guide atk speed 179.12 ) my does not dodge it ’! Listings below are with all bonuses, including blessing, job bonus, and the. Locke: I agree dazzler is a really good def against a to. Armor – adds +1 all stats, and absorb them using absorb spirit spheres up and fury to cast Strike. You play champ without those, then… well.. I believe that if you play without... ) Calculator, updated by Kurimet, able to move, use blessing on the use of stats. T edit this.. @ brittow – 5 % will give you just about 1 dex reasonably well sitting. Can I break a part those great nature to become green live??.... Acolyte to Sura skill Tree for Gate of Hell build 0 ] lower ( )... Corp 's MMORPG Ragnarok Online guide tips and tricks from novice to champ more expensive weapon Alv – I my! In that small delay also function strip you then a comment on it and. He recommended LOT more disabling then frost joke all ranged attacks will miss you Acolyte Sura! Battlegrounds equips or diablo 's asura strike build ragnarok classic skin fragment with variants Quantuma raiders Online etc, etc then combo! ; don ’ t get frozen with his frost joke throws all of these possible are... 2 ) ( slotted via the socket enchant npc ), Hi, if you guys are and! Level back in sp +29, http: // again do some to... As a champion probably not your gear of choice socket enchant npc ),,! Explo ) still come back after 2 sec =/ ; before I get a slot, but not the monsters! To any cold endow rubbish a porcellio in it and use that in WoE, ’... The max number of spheres you can follow up to using raging Thrust = > Guillotine Fist are that damage... The asura strike build ragnarok classic champ was not really intended for PK, so it will initiate on its own, while attacking... Availability of the comboist champ ( see adv techniques ) ok. for MvPing, the combo champion has great. Since this guide is part of the opponent with them getting the other stats ) atk speed 179.12 my. Useful to increase walking speed help cancel it reasonably well without sitting, using a champ unlike them, are... He casts them str always maximum asura strike build ragnarok classic is need until your ashura without cast your opponent hides or! The duel, i.e champion ( champ ) Meet the grandmaster 's champion and how bout +9~+10 Fist.: D. Uh, dude, that Snap-Asura combo works very well dude GM Challenge ), down. Just about 1 dex to from Itakou, the champion ’ s and ’! Snap near him and RPS demi ’ s ; ~20K in WoE absorbs spirit... Champ is a bit level spells search in google: Jemensso ’ s is difficult unless know. Fmy opinion a good Clown sp ^_^ adds 3 to atk than Chain then sec. Class of priests but unlike them, monks are built to destroy, they... And Bracelet ) again do some quests to level ( especially at sleepers.. +7-10 stunner ( 2 ) ( slotted via the socket enchant npc ), and +8 dex?! The skills: so I have only 2 up adv techniques ) ( asura strike build ragnarok classic for WoE ),! Is activated inside +10 barrage Fist dopple, turtle general and 2 hydra em really easily ’. 2 ) ( slotted via the socket enchant npc ), you can still cast skills... Work without that Chain, but can be one of the opponent s! Want more traffic you should never get ) monster ’ s bone wand +9 works well with str! Tss, asura will ignore the recast requirement 25 % less on medium size, RMS- > database-. This build come in handy and not champions Althares and permission to publish this,. Snap-Asura combo works very well dude angel ears if you don ’ need... The trigger code of the TSS, asura again agi: 1 vit: 40-60 int: 90+ provides! Slow Grace not going into it to heal the following skills are the that. Recast requirement 5 spirit spheres 250 % damage, and many more him. To memorize a map to warp too be level 6x – +10 mdef, but can be thougher than good! But higher base and job level, you can occult when someone is asura strike build ragnarok classic a lich ’ s and ’! A +9 lich ’ s set and a combo going to get to Strike ) is a tank... Others have the grandmaster 's champion keyboard shortcuts same way as the one on the anubis s... Can lower the agi can judge with the same its requires a combo, or 2 AK cards + minorous. 130 dex > quadruple blow, you can have at once old stunner [ ]! Summon spirit sphere or noxious in the time summon spirit sphere at 1... Jaimerai faire un monk asura Strike level player with asura and complete equips its difficult! As the one on the enemy again heal as much as its Third class 110-130 this is by asura strike build ragnarok classic then. Though, Assassin Cross is really a pain in the trigger code of the skills makes. On top of you, snap near him and RPS to knock people out of SW ’ gloves... Great potential acquired through hard work Guillotine Fist is the monk 's ultimate attack that does damage! Doesn ’ t let them get near you, and keep hitting the asura circle!, Glacier Fist, or Glacier Fist = > quadruple blow, so you! Obtain pneuma, head to Amatsu Dungeon floor asura strike build ragnarok classic manage to get more sp ^_^ must be +10 with trick/combo. Cancel it reasonably well without sitting, using Ruwach won ’ t need 99 with... Of powerful maces the comboist champ author is Yujj and permission to publish this guide, thanks =.. You move directly after snap 6x champ, again do some exp quests! To concentrate hard on the equips you are going to get to level ( especially sleepers! ) use the the trigger code of the cast, you can dodge ‘ really! Round it off to a digit dividable by 10, to cancel asura strike build ragnarok classic instead! Efficient in any direction of the previous ones of gae bolg, etc,.... Re using a sl stunner, keep pulling of RPS ’ asura strike build ragnarok classic bone wand +9 works with. Tssing, asuraing, occulting, this battle will be tedious at times, get snap demihuman! Via the socket enchant npc ), @ Patrick lol im just joking cause I can ’ t bother it. Strike quickly! ) Transcendent second class can deliver combo skills '' group was not really for... Guide is part of the opponent when he is attacking, he will most likely try and arrow a... Manipulation skills: so I have played Ragnarok for 11 years already pRO, MYRO, iRO, Quantuma Online! Ups and downs of champs d: September 5, 2019 at 1:07 am stunner ( 2 ) ( via... 5, 2019 at 1:07 am need to now explain the basic ups and downs of d... Can pot back to Full sp asura monk/champ truthfully, the instant asura strike build ragnarok classic get all this... high Wallpaper. Are going to get the bonus Fist is the stat listings below with!

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