what happened to premier protein bars

I have been buying Premier Protein drinks for 18 months since surgery. I have some of the peaches and cream in the Frigidaire ,can I file a claim, I drink this product twice a day everyday so can you tell me how can I apply for the settlement. How does that count. You could have notified them without a class action law suit! 3. This is very disappointing I have used this for years and thought that I was getting the protein I needed how do I sign up for the lawsuit or is it to late. This is a great drink. I agree. They come in assorted varieties and flavors. Whatever you choose to have from Premier Proteins line of products, you will be assured of having a filling and satisfying day no matter how busy you are. You can have one of the Premier Proteins shakes or Premier Proteins bar for lunch or as a snack. Orgain Organic protein bars are a convenient way to get 10 grams of plant-based protein and 6 grams of dietary fiber without gluten or soy. What do I need to do other than provide you with my name and email address? please add me- I buy these products all the time, Please add me, I buy a ton of Premier products. Please add my name. I have also been purchasing for the last 3.5 years. Thanks! Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the Please add me as I have been drinking these as well! Certainly, if you want to feel outraged, that is your right. But as a weight loss person. Please add me. Tried many other brands and Premier is the only one I buy now. This flavorful power-packed protein bar is packaged in an assortment of flavors. I am devastated to find out l have cheated my body all of this time. I wish you could see my refrigerator it’s supplied with 3 different flavors, strawberry, caramel and banana. Thanks in part to premier I lost 70 lbs!! I hope this doesn’t drive up the price and hamper the availability of the shakes. Thank you. Please add me I’ve been drinking the shakes since my weight loss surgery December 20,2016, Please. She said the shakes were not pulled, there was a shortage and no changes were made to the formula. Add Me, have been buying these for years. I drink two to three premier protein drink per day since October 2017. Please add me to the list. I have been using premier since 2016 for extra protein. Choose Premier Protein. how can join the class action law suit? Add me.. I’ve brought lots of these products over the last two years due to my lapband surgery. 30 g means it could be between 25 and 35 g. The article I saw referenced measurements with 3 sig figs. Iv been drinking these every day for since 2015 please add me! Premier Protein products help in better performance of body organs and regulate major body functions. I agreed . How do I file a claim without receipts. Can’t believe they can’t accurately represent the protein content! Now they’re back out. : Calorie Breakdown: 25% fat, 34% carbs, 41% prot. I would like to file a claim. So please add us! Ive been dinking this drink for years, and i will continue to by, it 2gs people!!! Please add me to the list. Please update me how to claim. I have bought several of the peaches and cream, chocolate, and caramel but don’t have receipts. This is the only protein drink I like. Which I’ve supplement by drinking Premier Protein shakes starting March of 2017 until now. Any idea when I should be getting my check? My mother and I both drink the shakes and I eat the bars. I have bought mine from Sams and Walmart, I don’t have the receipts. I just purchased more from Sams on last week. Premier Protein Bars Costco Why Built Bar? I have bought 40 cases of that protein drink hoping that it was 30 g of protein. I have 6 cases from Sam’s Club here now. I use these shakes all the time and will continue to use these shakes. I have 1 a day for 2 years…never another type…all flavors! This explains alot cause I’ve lost so much .. even after consuming two shakes for 3 months, How to file claim? With 30 grams of high-quality protein, the Premier Protein Bar has what it takes to be the most convenient meal replacement bar on the shelves. How long before I get this? Premier protein shakes are 5he only shakes that doesn’t have any nasty after taste. The Premier Nutrition Corporation Protein Shakes Class Action Lawsuit is Gregorio v. Premier Nutrition Corp., Case No. I have one a day for past year!!!! Bullshit lawsuits don’t happen here. Complete Bar Variety 40-Pack - Enjoy all of our 20g protein bars with this convenient Variety 40-Pack. There are 290 calories in 1 bar (72 g) of Premier Protein Protein Bar. What a waste of time, money and resources; this guy probably spent lots of bucks testing as well and ended up on the negative side of this….wow! how do i get added to the list i drink those and musle milk. I had weight loss surgery 4years ago. If you don’t have a receipt but just say you bought them you get $20. Please add me to the list. I have been purchasing and using this product for a year. We use cookies on our website to improve functionality and performance, to enhance the user experience, and to provide tailored content for website visitors. At the point afterward you investigate the protein bar, you, as a adjudicate, discover a big amount of sugar to make them taste great. Using protein bars can help not only lose weight, but establish a better metabolism. Both my husband Mike and I have bought cases of these drinks.

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