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Buso Renkin of the Lance, Sunlight Heart (サンライト・ハート Sanraito Hāto). Kazuki accepts Bravo's offer to join the mission, asking him to train him. He tells them that their mission is to find the traitor, Dr. Butterfly and his followers, the L.X.E. es asesinado al intentar salvar a una misteriosa chica que vestía un uniforme extraño, de un monstruo gigante. Kazuki returns to Earth with Tokiko where Papillon gives him the newly created white Kakugane. At the front door Moonface is heard asking them for the password. 18] which he accepts due to his will to protect his friends.[ch. Official Anime Championship Wrestling Wiki, https://theacw.fandom.com/wiki/Kazuki_Muto?oldid=11346. After a heated debate Kazuki is offered the chance to run away but instead wraps the cloth of his Buso Renkin around the main lance to perform the Jousting Crasher. Enraged, Kazuki hits Mita several times with a metal pole, but Mita pushes him back causing him to have a flashback of when Tokiko brought him back to life. Soon after Kazuki answers a phone call to find that he is speaking to Papillon who wants to see him the next day. your own Pins on Pinterest However Kazuki manages to get back up and tells him that their training made him stronger as well. Appears in [ch. Kazuki gets back up thanks to the Kakugane in his chest and destroys Kawazui's mini-frogs and main body but before he gets enough information out of Kawazui he falls unconscious. "The New Light that Shines Toward the Heavens!". En el primer capítulo es asesinado por un homúnculo al tratar de salvar a una chica desconocida; el homúnculo le atravesó el corazón. In the evening Kazuki carries a now partially paralyzed Tokiko down the mountain despite her protests. However Shi is also destroyed by another Buso Renkin. 20] His buso renkin is Sunlight Heart (サンライトハート Sanraito Hāto), a spear-lance; it has a cloth that turns into energy which allows to be used as propulsion or as a blinding light.[ch. He places Kazuki under the watch of Tokiko and Gota, telling them to watch his actions. He is good at lot of things ("No point of hiding it now! Kazuki Muto. He has a strong sense of will as he refuses to back down from any opponent no matter how strong they may be. He later tries to copy Bravo's "Bravo Kiss" technique with his own "Kazuki Kiss" which he performs on Tokiko, however it earns him a punch from her. In school Kazuki keeps falling asleep due to tiredness, even falling asleep at the student council meeting, he eventually wakes up where he is greeted by Ouka Hayasaka. Bravo tells him to meet him at the rocks at the beach after midnight. Tokiko arrives and slashes Shusui's clothes revealing his Homunculus emblem but notes that it is just fluorescent paint proving that they are Familiars, not Homunculi. Kazuki Muto (武藤カズキ Mutō Kazuki) is a 16-year-old boy. He has a strong sens… Later on, he finishes his punishment but is confronted by Mita who throws him his school bag which was found at the Haunted Factory, subsequently revealing himself as the Homunculus who killed him before he transforms and chases Kazuki. He is somewhat goofy at time, often joining in with his friends antics and jokes with them and Tokiko. Tokiko tells him that his softness is a liability on the battlefield and will eventually get him killed telling him that she will take away his ability to fight. He later wakes up when Tokiko shows him that the core has implanted itself onto her body. Watch Queue Queue Later that night Tokiko explains alchemy, Buso Renkin and the Homunculi to Kazuki and sets off to fight more Homunculi. Kazuki defends the Hayasaka twins from Tokiko. He charges at Washio destroying his defenses and shatters him to pieces. Kazuki, Tokiko and Gota arrive to Newton Apple Academy where they are greeted by Papillion. He cares about Mahiro and his friends greatly as he fights the Homunculi to protect them, yet chooses not to tell them so they don't get involved. 2] and is later asked to be an Alchemist Warrior by Captain Bravo,[ch. Afterwards he and Tokiko check up on his friends and the other students and are glad to find that nobody has been severely injured. The three eventually meet Hiwatari and his accomplice Shinobu Negoro on their way to the school. Buso Renkin ( Japanese: 武装錬金, Hepburn: Busō Renkin, lit.transl. I'm a Master of ! ─────────────────────────... Facebook muestra información para que entiendas mejor la finalidad de una página. Enhanced Durability: Kazuki has been shown to withstand most injuries caused by his opponents including being beaten of slashed, however this is partly as an effect of his Kakugane's healing properties. He has a good nature and will risk his life to save others as seen when he was skewered through his heart by Mita while trying to save Tokiko. He also quickly learns how to use his Buso Renkin for a variety of purposes. High School student Kazuki Muto thinks he's saving a girl from a monster, but it turns out that he's the one who needs saving! Later that night Bravo gives Kazuki a final test in his training, to come at Bravo as if he were the enemy, but he isn't allowed to use his energy cloth, so he must rely on his physical strength. As he lies on the brink of death he can vaguely see Tokiko wailing over him and tells himself that he must fight. Bravo reassures a worried Kazuki, telling him that he helped destroy the L.X.E. NA Kazuki and Tokiko are seen walking down a road where Tokiko says that without her kakugane, she feels like she is missing something. Seeing as the Kakugane doubles as his heart, his Buso Renkin plays a unique and critical role in Kazuki's survival. He cares about Mahiro and his friends greatly as he fights the Homunculi to protect them, yet chooses not to tell them so they don't get involved. Se nos cuentan las aventuras de Kazuki Muto que es un chico de preparatoria el cual salva a una chica del ataque de un monstruo al que más tarde se cataloga como homúnculo. Kazuki and Tokiko being cheered on by the students. Kazuki argues with her saying that it isn't too late for them mentioning that he couldn't save Chouno but this time he has to save the twins. They figure out that the creator lives in the dorm and ask around but nobody knows who he is based on his description, Kazuki sketches up an impressive but unfitting portrait of him which proves even less effective. Papillon tells him that he has yet to obtain his true power and notices that Kazuki is not ready to fight yet and so calls this meeting a "declaration of war". He and his friends discuss their plans for a trip to the beach which makes Tokiko mad as she thought he was joking when he mentioned it before. Bravo mentions that the story about Victor being a traitor and turning into a Homunculus was a cover up story to hide the army's greatest failure, he also says that he looked into Kazuki's medical records and found out that Kazuki can no longer be separated from the Black Kakugane, thus he will never be human again. He denies that he has given up his humanity, stating that he is now back to normal. Afterwards he praises Kazuki as he was the first one to be able to block the technique. He seems heavily aroused when he sees Tokiko in her swimsuit and stares at her naval which annoys her. When they decide to head to the L.X.E. Papillon leaves not before telling Kazuki that the enemy is close at hand. Trabajó en una compañía de juegos, pero aspiraba a crear mangas. Black Kakugane III flies back slicing off Victor's arm. Kazuki appears in Buso Renkin: Welcome to Papillon Park for the Playstation 2 as a playable character wielding the Sunlight Heart Plus and the main protagonist of the game's story which takes place after the main series. Just before they reach the base they see it exploding with many Moonfaces being destroyed in the process. Bravo says that one does not become a Victor all at once as there are different stages, with Kazuki being in the first stage but his transformation will be complete in six weeks. When they enter it Gozen panics as the restoration tank with the Warrior Traitor is missing. On the other hand he gets depressed when he feels he has failed to protect somebody despite doing the best he can to do so and questions his beliefs. He angrily replies that he wasn't lying and thought that they were friends that he had to protect. Captain Bravo appears telling him that there is no shame in holding on to his beliefs. The four of them encounter the mysterious man who Tokiko met when she obtained Kazuki's kakugane. Papillon immediately flies up to the roof of the school and scolds Kazuki for apparently giving up his humanity calling him a hypocrite once more. They are confronted by Washio in his half-Homunculus form who manages to deflect their attacks. After a small pep talk Kazuki finally moves on and decides to take a shortcut to the roof. Bravo tells him that Tokiko was transferred to his school as the Homunculi prefer eating younger humans, and often attack schools and so Ginsei High would be a perfect target as it has a dormitory full of sleeping livestock. He wakes up to find that Tokiko saved him from Hanabusa and falls asleep again. They manage to make it back to the dorm and are met by his friends and Mahiro. However, he soon finds out that dream wasn't a dream at all when a giant serpentine monster attacks him and his sister. Esta es una lista de personajes de Yu-Gi-Oh! The battle results in Kazuki piercing through Captain Bravo's Buso Renkin, silver skin, and injuring him. Annoyed at this Kazuki goes to run after Victor but Tokiko manages to stop him which reverts his transformation. However, Kazuki assures her that he will fill up that emptiness that she is feeling inside of her. Chouno, desperate for a new life lunges at him only to be knocked out by a single punch. Sunlight Heart Plus (サンライト・ハート プラス Sanraito Hāto Purasu). Kazuki Muto was once an ordinary high school student. As Ouka is about to accept death Kazuki tells her not to give up and uses the twin's and after some convincing Tokiko's Kakugane to try to heal her, this succeeds, stopping her bleeding. However, Hiwatari comes and attempts to incinerate the three alchemist warriors and burn them to ashes. 256 likes ... Anime Mundial Fanáticos del Anime, El Anime Dominara el Mundo. https://busorenkin.fandom.com/wiki/Kazuki_Muto?oldid=7505, High School Student (2nd Year, Classroom B Representative), Nobuhiro Watsuki states that Kazuki's initial design and personality was based on Makimachi Misao from. He cares about Mahiro and his friends greatly as he fights the Homunculi to protect them, yet chooses not to tell them so they don't get involved. In the meantime, Papillon will create another white kakugane and save Kazuki so him and Kazuki can settle things once and for all. Just as they lunge at Tokiko and Ouka, Kazuki and Shusui arrive where Kazuki activates his Sunlight Heart using the Sunlight Flasher to stun the Homunculi and runs off to lure them away. Kazuki then activates his Buso Renkin and continues training. Kinjo confronts the warriors and activates his Buso Renkin Peaky Gulliver, this shocks Kazuki who is told by Bravo that the true power of a humanoid Homunculus is that they can use their own Buso Renkin. As Tokiko watches the news he is seen interrupting the broadcast with his friends. When Tokiko asks Kazuki if he is worried about the Black Kakugane, he says he isn't too worried but wishes he could work alongside her and Bravo again. Kazuki meets up with Tokiko outside where they go to the amusement park because that is where they are meeting their friends. We kicks things off with Busou Renkin's Kazuki Muto going up against Mr. 100% himself, Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama! Kazuki goes to Chouno's home but is met by Chouno's father who coldly tells him that he doesn't care about his son as he has failed him and that his brother Jiro will inherit the family estate. Kazuki Muto (武藤カズキ Mutō Kazuki) is an Alchemist Warrior with the Black Kakugane III (originally disguised as Kakugane LXX) implanted into his chest as a replacement heart and the older brother of Mahiro Muto. S01:E02 - The True Form Homunculus. He activates his Buso Renkin and subsequently destroys Saruwatari. Kazuki charges at Papillon with both lances, slamming Papillon which leaves him pinned to the wall. Along with Mahiro, they race for the school gate before they are late. They are found but Kazuki charges at him as a decoy while Tokiko follows behind him. Anime. High school student Kazuki Muto thinks he's saving a girl from a monster, but it turns out that she saves him! Before he dies Kazuki tells him that he will defeat Chouno but not kill him, he then prays for the dead Homunculus. and destroy them. However Kinjo is quickly killed by Jinnai who is hiding in the academy. As he, Tokiko and Gozen head for the school they notice that it is surrounded by a strange fog. Victor tells him that his friends who he has been protecting are coming to rescue him so their fight is over. Kazuki and Tokiko attack Victor with Kazuki's Buso Renkin (that has the white kakugane in it) and pierces through his skin. He asks Shusui what exactly his desire is, Shusui replies telling him that it is also his sister's desire and that if he wants to know more, he will have to stop his reverse do. They decide to keep their reasons a secret before Ouka's brother introduces himself as Shusui Hayasaka. Kazuki is killed while fighting a homunculus, a malevolent creature that feeds on humans. Afterwards he reveals that he is a bit frustrated as it has been a week and he still can't stop the reverse do, but is praised once again for being able to face Shusui so quickly. Brand As an excuse he and Tokiko both comically say that Tokiko is his older sister. An undecided Kazuki is still wondering whether he should join their fight as he doesn't want to screw up again. He and Tokiko counter-attack but Washio escapes. Tokiko tells him that he has been a big help but he becomes depressed as he felt that he couldn't save the people who went missing and asks if he is a hypocrite as he made a promise to Washio that he wouldn't kill Papillon, but did so anyway to save everyone.

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