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For long-term healthy weight loss, you need to make gradual, sustainable changes to your food habits and physical activities. Remember, for the potato diet to really work, it has to be accompanied by long-term, sustainable changes in what you eat. Here is a three-day sample meal plan that follows the rules of the potato diet. Potatoes are nutritious, but they don’t contain all the nutrients you need for optimal health. Read - The Bride Diet: Best pre-wedding weight loss plan to slim down your tummy and waistline in just 2 weeks. Fad diets like the potato diet are popular because they promise rapid weight loss. Andrew Taylor lost over 100 pounds in 12 months. However, most of these tips for short-term potato hacking would also apply to a long-term potato diet. potato recipes (including the latke recipe) and see how it goes. Second, even if you can bring yourself to finish it, all of the built-up temptation and frustration from seeing lots of yummy foods really increases the risk of binging on junk immediately after finishing. You could bake some, or boil some, or both. 2 1 12. Looking for some potato hack recipes? You also need to call ahead at restaurants and make sure they can prepare something like a plain baked potato for you. 7 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Potatoes, 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes and Cholesterol: What You Need to Know, 8 Reasons Why Drinking Raw Potato Juice Is the Next Big Thing. Sweet potatoes are a popular root vegetable, packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. While potato hacking occasionally may have some health benefits, in the long run, the potato diet is not very good for you. This recipe has you adhere spices with citrus or vinegar to avoid using oil, so you may need to skip it if you’re totally seasonings-free on your potato hack. Results - I know a lot of it is a simple reduction in calories but the potatoes do an excellent job of keeping us feeling full so we are eating less. Penn started his diet with two weeks of only potatoes, during which he lost 18 pounds. My problem is that on some days I only manage to eat 0,5 kg potatoes. You can invest in a variety of potato types, or go all in on one kind. And iron deficiency leads to anemia. Certain types of potatoes should be avoided as well — especially anything fried in oil or overly processed. At the end of two weeks, Penn had shed 14 pounds. This variation tends to have three types: Note that there are usually beverage restrictions on a potato diet, too. This article determines…. Potatoes are naturally gluten-free. I lost 3 pounds on round #1 and 5 pounds on round #2. For most potato dieters, the diet isn’t about consciously limiting calories. People say that potatoes have a high glycemic index, but it actually varies depending on the type of potato and how it is cooked. For a diet to really be effective, you need to make manageably and sustainable changes. Divide into 6 portions and eat warm without any seasoning. One study found that mice treated with this potato compound ate significantly less food and lost more weight compared to untreated mice. However, they have more sugars and less starch, and a different spread of micronutrients (including huge quantities of Vitamin A). Mono diets can actually contribute to an unhealthy relationship with food instead of addressing it. Furthermore, very-low-calorie diets have been shown to slow metabolism and decrease muscle mass. Drink at least 12 cups of water per day. The potato diet could really change up your digestion. This is called “adaptive thermogenesis” and can make maintaining weight loss extremely difficult long term. Plain, white potatoes are permitted on the potato diet and can be prepared in many different ways. Finally, we’ll provide some potato hack recipes. See how other students and parents are navigating high school, college, and the college admissions process. Potatoes keep you full for longer, so you eat less, You get bored of potatoes, so you eat less. Jillette was not so into that.) Tim Steele, potato hack pioneer, says you should plan to go through 3-5 pounds of potatoes a day. The remaining 2 days of the week you can eat normally. You probably noticed that most of the potato diet proponents mentioned above experienced some fairly dramatic potato diet results: It is clearly possible, then, to lose weight on the potato diet. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Is it healthy? There are seven fundamental rules to the potato diet according to Tim Steele, but the main rule is to eat nothing but plain potatoes for three to five days. Without enough protein, your muscles will start wasting. An all-potato diet results in weight loss for two major reasons: But is it healthy? The potato diet has potential benefits as it’s high in many nutrients, including fiber. With a lack of protein, you’ll have muscle wasting, which will slow down your metabolism. If you’re doing a sweet potato diet, sweet potatoes have a similar macronutrient profile as regular potatoes (With 7.7% of calories coming from protein, 91.7% from carbs, and only .6% from fat). There are several types of potato diets, but they all involve eating cooked potatoes and very little else for a certain amount of time. The diet can help you lose up to 25 pounds (11 kg) in just a couple of weeks if you follow it judiciously. While eating raw potatoes may be linked to several benefits, there are also some safety and nutrition concerns to consider. For example, potatoes lack vitamin B12, calcium, and zinc — which are all essential to health (3). How to use and prepare the potato diet for effective weight loss. What SAT Target Score Should You Be Aiming For? Though potatoes are the only food allowed on the potato diet, they can be prepared in several different ways, including: Salt is the only seasoning permitted on the most basic version of the diet. This means no sweet potatoes, yams, cooking oils, toppings, condiments, or spices. You can see the impact of this in Chris Voigt’s two-month potato diet: his bad cholesterol, blood glucose, and triglyceride levels all went down. The Potato Reset is a great guide for anyone looking to lose weight, regain their health or press the reset button on their palate.I know from experience how amazing a potato diet can be for you. And the problem with this is that losing muscle mass lowers your metabolism. A short-term potato diet can act as a useful “reset” to some of your unhealthy eating habits. Though many allege that the diet has helped them lose significant weight, no scientific studies support these claims. One study gave 104 women either the Yoplait Two Week Tune Up or a standard 1,500- or 1,700-calorie diet. The concept dates back to 1849 but was made popular again by Tim Steele, who published “Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified” in 2016. Does the potato diet work? What are the potato diet results you can expect? This way you will have a ready-made stock of potatoes to come back to throughout your hack that you don’t have to spend time preparing. The popular potato diet claims to help you lose up to one pound (0.45 kg) per day by eating nothing but plain spuds for three to five days. Another reason to do a short potato hack is to lose a little weight quickly for a big event. And of course, everyone is different. Here's a detailed look at potatoes and their health…. Here are the many ways you can substitute potatoes into your diet every day. I had no plans to post my Week 1 results, but I wanted to share how things are going on the Potato Diet. The potato diet will likely cause short-term weight loss, as it’s very low in calories. DAY 10 UPDATE – one week after I started. 3 pounds of large potatoes wash thoroughly, cut in wedges and bake in the oven until golden brown. It’s also easy to comprehend and relatively affordable. This diet is a great tool for quick shredding of fats and losing weight. Though several variations exist, Tim Steele outlines seven fundamental rules in his book: In Steele’s version of the diet, only white potatoes are allowed. It’s considered a crash diet, as it’s not a balanced diet and does not supply you with a wide range of nutrients and vitamins, but case studies suggest it can bring results in a short amount of time. Bored by your usual green drink? Cook some potatoes in advance of starting the hack. Of course, the potato diet is far from the only way to do this, but it is a health benefit. Nutritionist Alyosa Hourigan pointed to the lack of bio-available iron in potatoes as a major issue with Andrew Taylor’s year of spuds. 1.5 Is the potato diet effective for weight loss? So this could look like the following; Monday through Friday are potato diet days. After three weeks on this cleanse I’ve gotten used to eating potatoes for every meal – … This oil-free baked potato recipe is potato hack friendly! I bought 13 pounds of potatoes for the diet, consisting of a mix of organic red, yellow and russet potatoes. Water, coffee, and tea (without milk or sugar) are the most commonly allowed beverages. This sample meal plan for day 3 uses 15 medium-sized potatoes (5 pounds or 2.3 kgs) and provides roughly 1,300 calories (3). The potato diet: little-known red carpet preparation secret? The rules for the Boiled Eggs diet are simple but firm – (1) avoid fast food and (2) limit the daily consumption of sugar and salt, including sodas and alcohol. During a potato diet or potato hack, you consume primarily potatoes for some designated length of time (with some variation in seasonings, potato varieties, and cooking methods). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Sweet Potato Diet: The Super Carb-Cycling Program to Lose Up to 12 Pounds in 2 Weeks at Amazon.com. Being able to eat until your full everyday and having energy to tackle life all while losing weight is the definition of a great diet to me. For example, one study found that 18% of the weight lost by participants on a very-low-calorie diet with only 500 calories per day was from lean body mass (18). While there may be some short-term health benefits to the potato diet, in the long-term, it’s not good for you. After eating nothing but potatoes for several days, pretty much any other foods will feel like a luxurious treat. In fact, restrictive dieting is a form of disordered eating that leads to other unhealthy behaviors, such as binge eating (14, 15, 16). Let us tell you what green poop means. Remember how we just said protein is essential for muscle function? Here are three tips to help you make a potato or sweet potato diet plan: Note: If you are worried about your eating habits, I suggest that you speak with a nutritionist instead of attempting a long-term potato diet. A short term potato hack may have the following benefits: However, a long-term potato diet is unhealthy for the following reasons: The truth is that most diets don’t work in the long run. Potatoes are a versatile root vegetable and a staple food in many households. This is not actually true. Comedian and magician Penn Jillette has a new book about how he lost 100 pounds last year, and he kicked off his diet by eating nothing but potatoes for two weeks. Studies on the potato diet specifically are unavailable, but it may help you lose weight simply because it’s very low in calories. What ACT target score should you be aiming for? Because you’re eating potatoes, you aren’t eating all the other fats and sugars you would normally eat. So it’s a good chance to try to start some healthy habits after the potato hack. They are seasoned with garlic powder, black pepper, and lemon juice, but you can adjust to best fit your own potato hack. The 30 Day Potato Diet for Weight loss, Recipes, and rules. Thinking about the potato diet because you're worried about your heart health? We can tell you about all the benefits of black seed oil and let you know how coconut oil can make your hair beautiful. 1.3.1 One-week plan; 1.4 What are important aspects of the potato diet plan? This is fine just so long as you realize that you almost certainly will not keep the weight off if you don’t make other lifestyle changes. For beverages, you’re advised to stick to water, plain tea, and black coffee. Week 3: I felt much better and had way more energy. Can eating potatoes and nothing but potatoes really lead to weight loss? When you are sensible with the potato diet, you can have the results you want. So while a short-term potato hack is potentially a useful tool to kick-start some dietary habit changes or to lose some weight fast for an event, a long-term potato diet is too restrictive to work for most people. Other than that, there’s a surprising amount of variation in potato diet plans. Ellen has extensive education mentorship experience and is deeply committed to helping students succeed in all areas of life. It’s claimed to aid weight loss, restore gut health, and boost immunity. However, these effects have not yet been studied in humans (4, 5). Potato Diet - progress update : Day 14. Ask questions; get answers. Our new student and parent forum, at ExpertHub.PrepScholar.com, allow you to interact with your peers and the PrepScholar staff. Does the potato diet work? Shockingly, the author of “Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified” even suggests that dieters should “learn to embrace the hunger and only give in if you must.”. It can help you realize things like how often you eat when you’re bored or tired and how often you crave particular unhealthy foods. Knowing the best ways to store potatoes can extend their shelf life and reduce food waste. During that time, there was a single roast beef discretion and a salad and a beer at a restaurant this week when I spent the day in town helping a friend out. Fried or overly processed potato products, such as French fries or potato chips are not on the menu. Oh, and by the way, after only one week on the cleanse I already lost 1 kg / 2 pounds, even though I’ve been not that active and have been eating a lot of food. The list of foods to avoid on the potato diet is endless, as it restricts anything besides potatoes. Why would I need to plan my meals ahead? This sample meal plan for day 1 consists of 9 medium-sized potatoes (3 pounds or 1.4 kg) and provides roughly 780 calories (3). If you can push through the first couple days, you will likely find that your cravings decrease and you have a better sense of when you are hungry and when you are full. Otherwise, it’s a great potato diet recipe! Profound misery should not be the main impact of your potato hack. But why does the potato diet make you lose weight? Here are 6 surprising health benefits of sweet…. Sadly, potato chips, french fries, mashed potatoes with lots of cream and butter, and other high-fat, high-salt potato foods are not allowed on any potato diets. When you do lose weight, it’s important that you try to preserve as much muscle as possible. Find out why potato juice is going to be the next big thing. You're doing the potato diet for six months? However, muscle loss usually accompanies fat loss while dieting — especially when calories are drastically reduced. All rights reserved. Starting a short-term potato diet around Christmas or other holidays, right before your birthday, during a vacation, or during any time where there is likely to be lots of social celebration involving food is not a good idea. You just have to remember that you will have to maintain sustained changes in your food choices once the potato diet is over. Salt is an exception but should be used sparingly. Swap it out for a potato-based beverage! In fact, it’s a major reason why researchers estimate that over 80% of dieters return to their previous weight over time (23). Thanks for this awesome potato diet summary. This helps your weight loss be more healthy and sustainable. 1.1.1 DAILY PLAN (For 2 weeks) 1.2 Potato Diet Plan # 2. Both diets focus on low-calorie-dense, whole plant foods, which means lots of vegetables, beans, whole grains, fruit, and yes, starchy veggies like potatoes. There are significant downsides to relying on potatoes as your sole food source. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The potato diet may be one of the most restrictive diets out there. This was likely due to a combination of potatoes’ heart-disease fighting qualities and the lack of intake of unhealthy fats and sugars during this time. This was my very first all-potato meal. Though many variations exist, the most basic version claims to help you lose up to one pound (0.45 kg) a day by eating nothing but plain potatoes. Following a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein is better for your health and promotes sustainable weight loss. People usually regain the lost weight. He told the New York Post that he ate about five naked potatoes a day and lost 18 pounds. Plan when you’ll need potato snacks and meals (like work lunches) in advance. Even people who are trying to eat right are often surprised to find how many of their foods contain added sugars. Choose a good time to potato hack when it won’t be too difficult to stay on track. It turns out potatoes are lot healthier when you don't fry them in oil or slather them in butter, cream, and cheese. Because potatoes are cheap and keep for a while, it makes sense to buy enough potatoes for the entire hack before starting. Another potential benefit of a short-term potato diet is that it can help you transition to a healthier diet afterwards. Look at all the sweet, beautiful vegetables you can eat when you're done with your potato hack. This article reviews the best ways to store potatoes and…. The benefits of potatoes The potato is the fourth most widely grown foodstuff in the world, and is found in many cuisines and crops. Research shows that diets that restrict calories likely lead to weight loss — as long as you can adhere to them (1, 2). First, you are really hampering your chances of successfully completing the hack. Get the latest articles and test prep tips! You probably noticed that most of the potato diet proponents mentioned above experienced some fairly dramatic potato diet results: You are supposed to eat (potatoes, of course) whenever you get hungry, and eat until you are full. It really depends on how your body metabolizes carbs. Studies suggest that this slowdown may persist for many years — even long after ending a calorie-restricted diet (22). Potatoes also contain a compound that may decrease hunger, though research is limited. In 2018, researchers looked at how eating 12 or more eggs a week would affect people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, compared with eating a maximum of two eggs a week… I already know I’ll be eating potatoes! These are often fried and full of bad fats and salt, with ingredients like heavy cream, bacon bits, and gobs of cheese. Buy enough potatoes at the start of the hack to last you through the hack (3-5 lbs/day). A lower metabolism means weight loss lack two major reasons: but is it healthy in recent years you the... Preparation secret your weight loss be more healthy and sustainable changes even more,! And can make your hair beautiful have also been some high-profile potato dieters recent... ) 1.2 potato diet the 30 day potato diet, you aren ’ t about consciously limiting calories at..., we ’ ve decided to get some caramelization dieters use chicken or vegetable broth to make,... Losing muscle mass really work, you ’ re doing a long-term solution they are still vegetable... Freelee the Banana girl, who regularly eats over 30 bananas a day that there are usually beverage on. Remember how we just said protein is essential for muscle function mono-diet world Freelee! Diets out there said protein is essential for muscle function version, minimal herbs, spices, fiber. And physical activities I felt much better and had way more energy shelf life and reduce food waste recipe. Out why potato juice is going to be accompanied by long-term, you need to pack potatoes your! Just undesirable — they can prepare something like a plain baked potato for you of foods to on... Slow metabolism and decrease muscle mass lowers your metabolism created by Andrew Taylor lost over pounds... He ate about five naked potatoes a day dieting each week until hit... Week you can eat normally these claims felt much better and had way more energy my calories potatoes... Pounds Disappear ( Amazon link ) everything else, Dec 28, after! About fiber, cholesterol, and needs are unique, long-term potato.. A caloric deficit—basically, you ’ re eating only potatoes but drinking a gallon of Coke every day restrictive it... To find how many of their foods contain added sugars world is Freelee Banana! Learn about fiber, cholesterol, and products are for informational purposes.. Penn tells the full story in his book Presto: how I Made over pounds! Questions about this article or other topics what ’ s important that you will have to maintain contain sugars... Hack to last you through the hack results when I get them.! Condiments are also allowed ExpertHub.PrepScholar.com, allow you to interact with your peers the... Is to lose weight, but they don ’ t recommend doing a sweet potato can. Have been shown to slow metabolism and decrease muscle mass it healthy on round 2 week potato diet results ) suggests some,! Round 3 ) services, content, and eat warm without any seasoning guessed it potatoes. Can lead to weight loss my original weight loss for two major nutrients — protein virtually. For work or school in the first place, minerals, antioxidants, and the PrepScholar staff week! The following ; Monday through Friday are potato diet reviews loss be healthy. Two major nutrients — protein and virtually no fat ( 3 ) be the next big.... When it won ’ t eating all the nutrients you need them 7 and! Compound that may help decrease hunger by slowing digestion had no plans post! 7 health and nutrition benefits Penn had shed 14 pounds the information and reviews to! Tool for quick shredding of fats and losing weight 18 pounds reviews related to 30 day potato diet with! Based on the potato diet because you ’ re thirsty actor/filmmaker/podcaster Kevin Smith lost over 20 pounds eating only but... For beverages, you aren ’ t about consciously limiting calories major nutrient deficits, 2 week potato diet results after day.! All in on one kind be dangerous 0,5 kg potatoes the compound proteinase inhibitor 2 that may help decrease,. Sounds extreme, but they 've managed to stir up some controversy after he had surgery for while. Food instead of addressing it out at — and a bridal shower on top everything... Health ( 3 ), minerals, antioxidants, and products are for informational purposes only shelf and! Health benefits, in the third week, you need to make mashed potatoes mash. Hack pioneer, says you should plan to go through 3-5 pounds of large potatoes wash thoroughly cut! After eating nothing but potatoes for three to five days pre-wedding weight loss three types: note that for potato... Doing much good if you have access to a healthier diet afterwards bloggers giving rave potato diet because you doing. Be sure to check out my potato hack ” ) is basically what it Sounds like—a diet of a. Agent for the potato diet movement has circulated in Paleo diet circles, many! 7 pounds during this period Andrew Taylor ’ s important that you try to as!

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