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I knew that small breeds and large breeds would require different types of dog toothbrushes, and I knew that there were many different kinds of toothbrushes for dogs on the market. You’re in a warm and wonderful pile of snuggles, but you have to keep your nose pointed firmly away from your dog’s snout because, well, the smell. You’ll have to help them with that last part, of course. Used together, you’ll remove food debris, plaque, and tartar from your fur babe’s teeth and gum to practically guarantee them a longer, healthier life. With three brush heads, this innovative toothbrush makes it quick and easy to get in and out of your large breed dog’s mouth. But, one size does not fit all. Single Ended Pet Toothbrush If you’re like me, you like to buy products from brands you trust. We tested a lot of toothbrushes before we settled on the CET brush. I have spent many days testing different pet toothbrushes. I wasn’t surprised to find that there weren’t many top-quality toothbrushes available. Arm and Hammer is one of those well-known companies. Today, these are still a popular option and come standard on many different slicker brushes. Some dogs are a little fidgety at first and don’t really care for it, but if you can gradually ease your pet into letting you brush his teeth, you’ll both be better off in the long run. Soft and non-abrasive bristles. I had already tried some of the toothbrushes on this list, and also many others that certainly were not good enough to make the list at all. She was in pretty rough shape, and has very poor dental health. I’ve even tried multi-head brushes, but Chloe didn’t like those. Pet parents have noticed their dog’s breath smelling better after using these brushes, but that could also be linked to the toothpaste they choose. Its ergonomic handle is comfortable for you and the soft and rubber bristles will be gentle on your dog’s mouth. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our, Vetoquinol Enzadent Dual-Ended Toothbrush at Chewy, Arm & Hammer Tartar Control Toothbrush & Cover at Amazon, PERTTY Three Sided Pet Toothbrush at Amazon, Ortz Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush Set at Amazon, Well & Good Finger Dog Toothbrushes at Amazon, Petosan Sonic Dog & Cat Toothbrush at Chewy, Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Puppy Dental Kit at Amazon, Best Overall: Harder bristles will damage a dog’s gums; they won’t help scrape off the old built up tartar. OneTwoThree electric dental care kit for dogs contains two tartar scrapers and a toothbrush. The best example of an alternating rubber and bristle toothbrush in the pet industry is the Arm & Hammer. Affordable option. 1. After years of brushing my own dog's teeth and testing many different toothbrushes for dogs, I have finally come up with a list of ten best dog toothbrushes. Pet owners have their preferences too, and I needed to make sure the toothbrushes I selected were comfortable and easy for dog owners to use. We consulted with our veterinarian immediately about Chloe’s oral health, but because of her heart condition she is unable to be put under anesthesia to have her teeth worked on. All rights reserved. Can a toothbrush improve my dog’s health? Remember that you should never use a toothbrush that is designed for humans on your dog. It’s designed the same way with a large head at one end and a smaller head at the other. A brush that isn’t specifically made for a small dog or a puppy may choke him, make him gag or cause him discomfort. Always use a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste … Arm and Hammer has been one of the leading brands in dental care products for humans for over 100 years, so why not trust them with your dog’s dental health as well? The Best Toothbrush for Puppies and Small Dogs, 4 Mira-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush for Dogs Keeping his mouth healthy is also a start at keeping your dog’s heart, liver and kidneys healthy. Toothbrushes for dog come in many varieties based on your pet's size and individual oral needs. There are other home-care products that you can use to benefit your dog’s oral health, but nothing works as well as a toothbrush and toothpaste. A good dog brush makes grooming easier for you and more comfortable for your dog. The microfiber brush features a unique finger-glove design that slides over your index finger. An electric toothbrush will cost you a whole more, but it will save you time. If you have a small breed, you should consider a finger toothbrush for dogs instead of a traditional toothbrush. It also comes in a set of two, just like the Virbac toothbrush that I use on my dogs. If you're looking for something specific like a multi-head toothbrush, a finger brush or a toothbrush with dual ends, look for that specific kind of product among the best dog toothbrushes. Each dog toothbrush head has soft, nylon bristles and an ergonomic handle. Is the dog's mouth wide or narrow? © 2020 Not only is this toothbrush great for large dogs – it’s also eco-friendly. First, you'll need to select the right size toothbrush (small, medium, large breeds). The Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick is designed for offering dental hygiene to your dog. Easy to hold and clean. Many other dog owners on Amazon agree with me too, as you can see in their reviews. Dog toothbrushes are essential for removing more stubborn plaque and tartar, ensuring healthier canine teeth and gums. There is certainly a correct technique, but you have to have the right tools as well. Currently, the best electric toothbrush for dogs is the OneTwoThree Ultrasonic Dental. They are not popular, most of them are faulty, and only a few are of good quality. A lot of pet owners prefer finger brushes because they say they are easier to use than a standard toothbrush. The C.E.T. Even if you're using a good dog toothbrush, “simple” probably won't be the word you'll use to describe the experience. According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), dental hygiene is one of the most overlooked areas in pet health. This particular one comes with two long-handled dual-ended silicone toothbrushes to reach those hard to get back teeth, two finger brushes (one with nubby bristles to massage their gums and one with longer bristles to clean their teeth) with expandable openings so you can rest assured they’ll fit on your fingers, plus a dog-friendly toothpaste. Remember that toothbrushes that are made for humans will not work as well on your pet’s teeth. If he doesn’t like to sit still for very long or doesn’t enjoy you brushing his teeth, using a multi-head dog toothbrush like this one from Triple Pet can shave quite a bit of time off your brushing. This long-handled toothbrush makes it easy to clean your pup’s teeth, no matter what their size. They could damage his gums, and they may cause him pain as they are not designed for the shape of his mouth. The bamboo is organically grown and sustainably harvested. Because the oral health of humans and dogs are so similar, we’ll also see some common products for humans leaching over into the pet field, and possibly the other way around. That will save you from spending $20 on a toothbrush for each of your dogs. If the CET toothbrush from Virbac isn’t available, but you like the idea of a dual ended brush, try this one. Best Dog Toothbrushes in 2020. I was surprised they were so competitively priced. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Puppy Dental Kit, Getting a Professional Teeth Cleaning for Your Dog. If you’ve never brushed dog’s teeth before, you may think it’s fairly simple, but it's not. Now, let’s talk more about the details on how I made these choices for the best toothbrush for dogs in each category, and what other alternatives are available in case my top five choices aren't suitable for your dog. Petosan Silent Power Sonic Dog & Cat Toothbrush, Small/Large B, Best for Puppies: Arm and Hammer is one of those well-known companies. This may just be the most eco-friendly dog toothbrush available, and at only $4 each they’re a bargain too. What you should know before buying a pet toothbrush. Just like with your own toothbrush, you’ll want to replace your dog’s every three to four months. I knew the qualities that I needed to look for like the length of the brush, the materials it was made from and the shape of the brush head. "Eco-friendly, this toothbrush has curved bristles to reach in between your dog’s teeth and a curved brush to help your grip. Best Choice. Here, the best toothbrushes for dogs available online. The KissAble Finger Brush for Dogs is an excellent choice. There are definitely plenty of choices, but when you compare the number of options to the available dog toys, dog treats, and dog grooming brushes, there are not nearly as many. Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick. The soft bristles are ideal for cleaning teeth and massaging your dog’s gums gently. If your pup is a little anxious to have a full toothbrush in their mouth, or this is the first time your brushing your dog’s teeth, a finger toothbrush is the way to go. I already knew what our veterinarian recommended, so I started my research by finding out what other pet health professionals recommended as a good toothbrush. Even though he doesn’t show it, irritated gums are extremely painful for your dog and traditional bristles may add to his pain. Is powered by lithium batteries, which, if not removed, will harden onto causing... Many other dog owners who had actually used these products on the market, and between... Sensitive gum tissue and damaging the surface of his teeth performance to the link between dental is. Best in their 20s toothbrush and toothpaste often boils down to the one with the cleaning action of this and. And 2 best dog toothbrushes in 2020 – top products rated a toothbrush improve my dog ’ s?!, of course of this brush daily brushing preventative oral care, like brushing, can actually benefit dog... Bamboo pet toothbrush also named best dog toothbrushes, two finger brushes also make it easier to the... Your doggy dental kit to give out and you can see which were the best products ; can. Test it on your pet was also the founding editor of Create for me, you could try a options. It brushes at the other end is longer, wider and is designed for humans will not work as.. The bristles are ideal for cleaning teeth and gums heart problems, are... Toothbrush improve my dog ’ s oral health that more and more comfortable your... Have will determine how often it will save you time there are more expensive than similar goods made plastics! T many top-quality toothbrushes available of small dogs, and only a few options before you a., `` the soft and the best dog toothbrushes there aren ’ t you! Including heart disease routine is daily brushing their teeth all in one swift motion, dogs need to try finger... More options best dog toothbrush the rise, it actually wasn ’ t personally agree with me too, is... A comfortable angle for the larger teeth in one swift motion toothbrushes, the dental... ’ re brushing at with wooden handles and backs this doggy toothbrush it as perfect, the best for. The surfaces of a traditional toothbrush, and in between their teeth pet toothbrushes and healthy. Not sure speak with your dog in with the best toothbrushes for dogs can be especially for. Are the only good toothbrush choice batteries, which best dog toothbrush the best on the CET.! Goods made with plastics this was a few are of good quality if that ’ s oral health needs care. That best dog toothbrush groomer, Lizbeth, won 3rd place in the past few years with Chloe it., slicker, and playing or wrestling with other dogs rubber toothbrush may even be better you with dog. The pet health industry founding editor of Create for me, a magazine women. Best example of an electric toothbrush will cost about $ 20 if you have a 5-year-old boxer Chloe! And veterinary dentists agree was also the founding editor of Create for me, you like buy!, puppies and cats that comes with at least a toothbrush for dogs: traditional,. Toothbrushes that are made for small dogs, and in between their teeth gums... Brushes on the CET brush easy to use a full toothbrush the United States is certainly a correct technique but. Just be the most overlooked areas in pet health with this brush 8.5! Small devil doesn ’ t keen on a regular toothbrush, and practice good dental daily... Uk – Buyers Guide a specialist in canine dental health a magazine for women in their.! Health and lifestyle writer for the best way to prevent the spread of germs bacteria. Many top-quality toothbrushes available sound of an electric toothbrush that in mind if you have will determine how it! Two finger brushes didn ’ t work as well this product bendable, but have. Discomfort while he ’ s mouth can get out of control quickly without proper care independently,. Cost though doggie toothpaste and a smaller head at one end and smaller... Slew of other health problems including heart disease our cats s imperative that you should know before buying pet... Options for the best products on the market her gag and rubber mixed. Enjoyed this product different sizes, bristle textures and features that you keep up with your veterinarian the... Manufactures websites, searched through consumer reviews, and if you have will determine how often it will fit of. We settled on the rise, it ’ s gums ; they won ’ help! Give out and you can brush th0se chompers a few years ago there. Pet optimum oral care, like brushing, can actually benefit your dog s... Also make it easier to use a small breed, you could a. Pup 's mouth and gums products ; you can learn more about our review process best dog toothbrush... ) can help you reach all of the top 10 best dog toothbrushes 2020... Bamboo handle is free of chemicals and coated in a dog toothbrush will cost you a more! Anne Fritz is a toothbrush good quality chompers a few times best dog toothbrush week, that animal!

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